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Country United States
State Alabama

JustFashionNow Reviews

  • Jan 13, 2021

It seems like my address was incomplete for the first package. I sent them an e-mail, they 'fixed' it, yet the other sent packages didn't arrive. Not all of the items were sent - they advertise items that they don't have in stock. I've asked them for a full cancellation of my order and full refund (6 weeks after I placed the order). I tend to think this is a phony company.

  • Oct 9, 2019

I ordered a watch and was told I could write my own inscription to my grandson.

Got a cheap watch with an inscription from a son to his father.

Inscription is dark like the watch, they showed it would be gold and stand out; easy to read. It is so small, you can barely read it

  • Jul 12, 2019

Before going on vacation, Irdered 3 dresses from this company and paid $18.00 to receive them before leaving. I chose the size according to their comparative sizing for different countries.

The order did not get delivered before I left.

When I returned and opened the packages, all the dresses were way too large and made of super cheap fabric that probably will not survive washing. I notified Just FashionNow and they are refusing to allow me to return them for smaller size or refund my money stating I only had 15 days to accomplish this after receiving order.

There was no number to call (just an email address) and no address for the company. I sent emails explaining the situation and got an auto reply from them stating someone would contact me within 48 hours. It took them 2 weeks to finally tell me that my 15 days had expired and there was nothing they could.

Please Avoid This Company to avoid the same problems that me and plenty of other people have encountered.

  • Jul 2, 2019

The fabrics were nothing like pictured. Looked like they were sewn by a 10 yr old. Probably were.

They made it impossible to return because had to reach them within 15 days. Took them 3 days just to send me address. Cost of returning would have been more than refund. Donated the to charity.

Company that produces clothes is in China but they are working with someone in CA who is shipping within US.

How do we stop this fraud?

  • May 20, 2019

This web site company's merchandise is poor quality and not as pictured.

Once you order, they charge your credit card account immediately and long before your merchandise is finally delivered after weeks and weeks have gone by since merchandise is sent from China and has to go through U. S. Customs (another delay).

Then only after you ask "customer support" how to return merchandise they wait days and days, even requiring repeated inquiries how to return, they say they will send you a mailing label since you are not to return the merchandise to the address from which it was sent.

You then have to repeatedly ask for the mailing label, get no response, then eventually they start back with initial instructions.

When you press and press for the mailing label to return the merchandise, they advise you again in an email that too much time has passed to return the merchandise under their "return policy."

Their products are poor quality and their "support" and "return policy" are a giant joke!

  • May 15, 2019

Made in China and really cheap fabric. Unable to return - no phone or address. Just get an email saying "Sorry for the delay, etc.etc." I've threatened to report them to the FBI for fraud and still no response. Totally unable to return the clothing.

  • Jan 15, 2019

When the items arrived they were misadvertised and of extreme inferior quality. I contacted them for a refund and received an automated response stating they would get back to me within 48 hours. About two weeks I remembered that I hadn’t heard from them and contacted them again. They asked me to send the items back and refused to pay for shipping.

I did return the items and upon following up on my "full refund” I was told since I didn’t reply within seven days they would not issue any refund. I emailed them with a stern email stating that now they had the product, they had misadvertised, I had paid shipping both ways. Again I received an email stating I was not eligible for a refund because they "have to follow their company policy.”

I should’ve checked for complaints before ordering from the company but it was during the holiday season and their website looked like quality product. Beware. Do NOT order from this "company”.

  • Dec 19, 2018

I purchased 2 pair of boots that were to arrive 8 days later. upon placing the order the money was immediately removed from my checking account. No boots until 3 weeks later and only after threatening them with cancellation. The return policy states that if you want to return anything, you have 15 days in which to email them, then they will give you a return order number and you can return the item. To China! The order is made tbrought California address!

When the boots arrives they were unwearable as the sole didn’t allow your foot to bend and break over while you take a step. Like it was made of concrete!

I immediately emailed them twice and they never communicated with a return order number- making it impossible to send the boots back for a refund.

  • Nov 3, 2018

I placed two orders with JustNowFashion and today I have not received my orders, I placed the order early October, I have sent several emails asking when will my orders be shipped out.

I have not received any email or correspondent concerning my emails or concern or refund, I am so frustrated that they can rip people off and not be held accontable.

  • Oct 15, 2018

I placed an order with on October 3rd 2018. I have since emailed numerous times with no avail did not receive any shipping or tracking confirmation. They are scamming me and I want a refund and nobody is answering or helping me. Do not order from this company what showed up on my PayPal was chick V International holding Unlimited. These folks are obviously scammers taking from people's hard-earned money and I pray that nobody else Falls victim mine was $173 and some change.

  • Jul 18, 2018

I order a pair of sandals that never came but the money came off my credit card. When you try to find a phone my number they have some international number listed.

  • Mar 15, 2018

Ordered shoes - LONG time shipping, when they finally arrived, they looked like pleather from K-mart, one shoe bigger than the other.

IF you want to return, they cut your payment price (current on sale - looked on site, not on sale) THEN they will deducted your return shipping amount from your balance. You'd be lucky to get $10 back out of $30 by the time they are done.

Very POOR quality, very long shipping time - extremely poor customer service. :( DO NOT waste your money on their cheap products! You've been warned. :(:(:(:(

  • Jan 16, 2018

I ordered a cold weather boot just after Thanksgivivg, they charged my debit card, but never sent a confirmation with an order number, the phone number on their web page is bogus, sent an email on an contact page and was replyed to and told never to email them again, to call the phone number on the web page, which is bogus, Iam going to report them to Amazon which they do bussiness out of to.

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