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Country United Kingdom
State England
City Segensworth, Fareham, Hampshire
Address 5A Little Park Farm Road, Solent Way
Phone 1-888-320-5483

JustCloud Reviews

  • Aug 20, 2016

I used Justcloud in December of 2015. I needed to backup files so I could do a hard reset on my Dell. After all was done and I went to put my data back on it was not all there or corrupted. The data did not transfer back correctly and was jumbled. I complained and canceled my service in March of 2016. This morning I saw a charge from them for $24.95 and it stated it was a yearly charge.

I immeditly called and told them how irrate I was about the false charge and that this if this happened to me it happened to other customers.

They informed me that I was supposed to cancel with paypal. I talked to a supervisor and told them that this is a lawsuit on their hands. I can not be the only customer that was not told to call paypal and cancel Their companies charge.

I will be blasting them everywhere I can and will look into a civil lawsuit. I am sure there are a lot of other customers out there getting changed and have no clue.

  • Mar 11, 2016

In September of 2015, my hard drive was getting full. I had been using for over a year without a problem. I uploaded all my family photo files from 2011, 2012 and 2013. I looked online on the interface, and saw they were there. No worries, I thought.

In October or November 2015 (I think), they did some upgrades and changes to the interface. When I went back to restore some of those files in January 2016, the files were not there. My account says I'm using the space that I paid for, but the file tree says there are no files there.

You can read the ticket details below, but here is a summary:

After 6 tickets and inquiries beginning November 2015 (it is now March 2016), there is STILL no resolution. My files are unrecoverable at this point. And customer service, which is only available by email and they respond 2 days later at the earliest, still says, "Please be patient.

I am out of patience. I have not been able to access my files for five (5) months now. I request any information and for someone to prove me wrong that this backup service is a fraud.

  • Jan 15, 2016

Just Cloud offers what they market as unlimited back up of your local PC files for a reasonable price. What I have learned over the past few days is unlimited is not unlimited. There s a cap on the number of files that you can back up. I only learned this when I went to look for a backed up file and it was not there.

Representatives of the company refuse to provide any reasonable explanation as to why they intentionally mislead their customers. In addition, while trying to get the issue resolved, they cancelled my account.

The company insists on correspondence via e-mail, but they do not respond. The billing department does have a phone number but the folks you talk to speak poor english and refer you to Tech Support, who you cannot call.

I strongly recommend that you choose another company for your backup files

  • Nov 30, 2015

We use Justcloud to back up our business data, We recenlty dicovered that they "have had an issue" (their words)and lost over 1TB of data! When question I got an email saying sorry for the inconvience and was offered a refund of £116.

We've paid over £1200 for the service and they offer £116 and a 'sorry' email.

I doubt we'll get anything from it as each time we get an email its from new person who clearly have no history of the case!

All we can say is DO NOT use Justcloud!!

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