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JustAnswer LLC.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address PO Box 29045
Phone (888) 587-8220

JustAnswer LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2022

They advertise that you can join for $1. They fail to tell you (except perhaps in fine print on subsequent pages) that the$1 fee doesn't include $60 to actually utilze the site. They refuse to issue refunds.

  • Apr 2, 2022

I was looking for a refrigerator repairman and a popup stated free trial thru JustAnswer. The popup stated join for a $1.00 to talk to a repairman $1.00 and a $37.00 charge for their monthly membership, which was for a month after that trial period of one month. I did speak to a repair man but his advice did not work. I cancelled before my trial period was over.

When I got my statement, I was charged the same time and day of 1.00 and 37.00. I actually read the policy before I check the subscription. It said UPON COMPLETION OF YOUR FREE TRIAL WILL BE CONVERT TO AUTO PAY. The companies reply to all bad reviews is that customers have a choice for membership plans for us to choose from, which I never received just a box to click start your trial offer.

The popup was gone after I check the box no information, but order history said I joined with the double payment. There is 2,472 complaints just for 2022 for this company, the complaints go back as far as 2018 just as many or more each year. This is deceptive billing practices. This company keeps receiving compensation of scheming victims out of money. The company has a repetitious reply to all complaints presented as a form letter.

  • Feb 5, 2022

JustAnswer Promises to give advice on issue for $2, then charges you $46 and puts you on monthly billing with no warning. To make it worse, advice is useless.

  • Dec 1, 2021

It was suppose to be an online appraisal. That turned into nothing but a loss of $95.00 to me. I called customer service 1-888-862-9212 to no avail.

Clearly fraud, pure and simple.

  • Nov 29, 2021

Tried to restore an old Facebook account. This company came up as a reference, as Computerhelp*. Cost was $1.00 but in very fne print, nearly invisible, was a disclaimer that autobill for $46 a moth would begin in 10 days unless cancelled. I certinly did not see it. By the way, no 'answer' was provided that would work. On next month's bank statement I was charged $46. I called and they 'graciously' cancelled the account claiming I would see the credit in 3-5 business days. One month later the credit showed up on February 8th, follwed immediately the same day by another $46 charge. I called today, March 9th and spoke to 2 operatiors, both of whom assured me there was not a February charge, although I was looking right at it. Both spoke very poor English, and neither would forward me to a manager despite several requests. I am now having to deal with my bank. Stay away from these idiots.

  • Oct 16, 2021

I am not sure if this is a pervasive issue of phishing across the company (Just Answer) or if it is a single individual in their customer service department.

My 12-year old son signed up for Just Answer by mistake on Friday evening, 10/15. He thought he was signing up for Spotify premium. He used my debit Mastercard.

When I realized what he had done (Less than 5 minutes after he signed up), I called Just Answer to explain and cancel the subscription. The Just Answer customer service agent asked me a number of odd questions, including the first 6 digits of my credit card number (first 6 digits) and then told me it would take 48+ hours to escalate and see if a refund was possible. I panicked and called my bank, and reported my card as lost/stolen. They marked the card as "hot" and are sending me a new card.

Last night, around 2 a.m., I started to get multiple alerts that someone in Detroit MI was trying to extract money from an ATM at a bank using my card. I have my card still (cut up but I have it). I live in Saint Louis, MIssouri. I am concluding that the woman who took my information on Friday night subsequently used or sold that information. I called within 2 minutes of my son signing up for the service. I regret giving the woman my first 6 credit card numbers. in hindsight, I realize she likely needed those to get the full credit card.

Just Answer has not contacted me at all about refunding my money since Friday night. And I still have $47 in charges pending from Just Answer for a subscription I tried to cancel less than 5 minutes after my son signed up for the service. And it seems ridiculous to me that they would charge $47 for a subscription and then not refund it when a customer calls immediately after signing up to request a refund--even if they didn't steal my card.

  • Sep 26, 2021

This company proports to provide answers to questions about any kind of issue. They did not provide my answer and would not refund my money.

Very poor fake absolutely useless company.

Never Ever use this company.

They will provide you nothing.

  • Feb 15, 2021

Their website advertises a seven-day free trial that can be canceled at anytime, so you begin with that mindset. However as soon as you get in, you get the following notice:

Being in the mindset of being able to cancel within seven days, I admittedly did not think to read the notice more closely. I was more intent on getting my answer quickly.

Upon reviewing my bank statements, I saw a charge from them for $47 and called them. I told them of my misunderstanding and they told me that they understood and canceled my “membership”. However, they refused to refund my money even after I made it clear that I did not want or need continued services.

  • Oct 26, 2020

After filling out the credit card information for the 1 week subscription for their services I submitted my question about an access code in order to install and program a new thermostat. I submitted the question and received a quick connection with on of their answer people. He did not have the answer but said he would get back to me, which he did the following day but still without an answer.

I continued to do my on research and found the correct answer online. I relayed the information to the Just Answers person. All is well, I paid for the month; not a problem. The problem started when I reviewed my bank statement a month later and found a cryptic charge for $28. I contacted my bank but was told that they could not stop the payments without reissuing a new card and number. I use the card for many things and did not want to go through the hassle of resetting all of the card numbers. I forgot about the charge.

I checked my account again a couple of months later and found a charge for the same amount but this time the charge had an ACH trace note that identified Just Answers as the account that was billing me.

I contacted Just Answers and was told that "however, I must remind you that you are not eligible for a refund." and they included a link to a screen shot of their web page that that offered the 7 day trial subscription for $5 and under that there was the test that reads Try it for $5 for 7 days then $XX per month. No indication that I was signing up for ongoing payments or that I had to cancel to prevent being billed each month.

I believe that they intend to Hook the customers with the $5 trial in hopes that you never cancel the subscription and I believe that the ACH trace information was purposely submitted in a scrambled fashion in order to prevent customers from identifying the source.

  • Jun 5, 2020

On June 6th I contacted justanswer, because I had a problem. I thought they could help me. They charge a $5 membership fee, which I was not aware of. I wasn't able to speak with anyone or connect to anyone.

I changed my mind about completing the process. I was told by a customer service representative that I would get a refund, that the transaction wouldn't be processed.

Justanswer was persistent and wouldn't take no no for an answer. After checking with my bank, I was told that that $5.43 had been debited from my account.

After trying to get someone from Justanswer all they wanted to do is charge me another $5 to speak to a lawyer about getting the money back.

I probably won't be able to dispute the charge. They're money hungry.

  • May 18, 2020

I went on Just Answer seeking some legal ideas. It wasn't very helpful, so I tried to cancel my subscription. I got an email stating they could not find the card for the account.

I sent them the information they asked for, but they continued to claim they couldn't find my account anywhere. I got charged for another month of subscription.

I wrote them and said if they could find the information to charge me, then they could find the information to cancel my subscription. I got a very condescending email with their payment policy attached.

I informed them that I understood their policy, I wanted my subscription cancelled and the money put back in my account. They charged my account again.

Four months after starting this, I finally get a notice that my subscription has been cancelled, but no refund for the 4 fraudulent charges to my account.

  • Apr 29, 2020

They switched their chat person to take me to a supervisor and never came back no matter what I wrote on the chat.

I enter the site thinking it was an IRS. They offer answers. $1 to start with and then $50 a day. Imediately after registering, I was left waiting. I cancelled after 1/2 hour and told my bank to refuse any payment from them.

I also sent print-screens of my communications with them to the bank.

  • Mar 28, 2020

Andy kirtzig Gave me information i can get free. Took my credit card information. There is nowhere to delete it. There isn't anyway to cancel the so called membership. A representative i spoke with said my membership was canceled. But all my information is still there

  • Dec 11, 2019

After providing a $5 initial online medical consultation, an additional "monthly charge" was implied in the initial contact I made with them, so they withdrew $46 from my VISA account.

Customer Service said that I had consented to a monthly membership because I did not "decline monthly membership" prior to the 5 day deadline.

  • Dec 5, 2019

No monthly enrollment was chosen or Authorized. Login to the website and the "Instructions" to cancel the membership are FALSE...No such workflow exists.

Tried Chat session and they leave you without trying to resolve the problem. Waited 10 minutes and nobody ever answered my questions....The chat agent just Stopped Responding.

Called the 800 number and got a Beligerent answer that they Refuse to refund the money. They also NEVER offerred to cancel the Fake "Membership"!

  • Nov 4, 2019

I had an issue with my printer. I was referred to this site by Epson (a legit printer brand), so I didnt think twice about using it. First a Robot chats opens up to gets your name and city and informs you of a $1.00 charge for the services.

So you are thinking to yourself, "$1 is not bad, i'll give this a try", not realizing the $1.00 charge is to get your credit card information and open a profile for you before you have a chance to change your mind. Then you get transferred to the supposed live " expert".

The first thing the live "Expert" informs you of is the $40 charge which will be on your credit card for using his services. When You look at the ranking of this supposed Expert on top of the page and youd see that he has 5 stars. But when you look more, you'd notice that thir web site has already ranked this experts quality of service as 5 stars on your behalf and you cannot even change this ranking!

So far, there had been no mention of the Printer problem I initiallly called for. At that point I get a text on my phone notifying me of a $40 charge on my credit card. By then I am furious and realize that I am dealing with online scammer.

I inform their "expert" of the unauthorized charge of $40 on my credit card without even discussing the issue on my printer. He dissapears for 10 minutes. Then he finally responds that I need to call another number to request a refund. I call the number and explain the situation.

I am told that the "Supervisor" needs to authorize refunds. After one more transfer, I am told that the charge will be refunded on my account but it will take several days for the refund to appear. By then I am so furious with this company for having created an extra problem for me to deal with besides the original printer problem that I decide to discard my printer all togetehr and buy a new one.

One week later, I wake up to another text from my credit card company of a $40 charge from this company. I go online to see if I can do something about this unauthorized charge. The instructions on their site says to log into account and go to "Cancel my membership" section of your profile and just cancel your membership.

I never signed up for a membership of this company, but out of curiosity, I went to the profile I had created the first time I was duped and pressed this "cancel my membership" and saw that another dialogue with the robot openned up trying to lure me in as a new client again.

Thats when I knew this is going to be a nightmare if I dont stop them and take a more radical approach. I called my credit card company, reported teh fraudulent card and had them cancel my card and issue me another card.

  • Sep 30, 2019

I was willing to pay for information to connect my TOMTOM rider 2 gps unit. They caim up on a search for tomtom help. I was chatted and gave them informationof the proble. I was put onto a screen to give credit card info, which I did.

They popped up a phone number , must call, The 800 number connected to backround noises and chewing sound, NO ONE ANSWERED. Tried to contact it was impossibele and Bank of America was no help and even stated that Just answers could get a NEW card if I canceled this old one.

Now it sounds like a scam, no way to contact them. They took my credit card information and then did nothing further. Supposedly on a monthly subscription , cancel anytime except there does NOT appear anyway to contact them. Initial chat lady obviously a robot

  • Sep 21, 2019

I never had any transaction with this JUSTANSWER but I was surprised with a $46 illegal charge to my bank account. I tried to call 800 240 1571, leaving a message, without any response.

  • Sep 15, 2019

JustAnswer charged my credit card even though they did not answer my technical question and I did not complete the transaction. Also, as soon as they had my phone number, a dozen or more messages from scammers started coming into my phone at a bad time.

I needed help with a machine. Web searches on the subject led to a credible looking post by JustAnswer on the subject by an American. They invited me to pay one of their experts for advice through chatting. It should have been clearer that is what it was and all the info they would ask for upfront. Why did they need my phone number, or email, for that matter? Hmmmm.

I was asked to write the problem in detail before I was in contact with the "expert." I think I was prompted to confirm that I was in fact there. I was. Then, the expert came on and needlessly started restating what was already in front of him, including the type of machine it was. He was trying to make me confirm what I had just written. I recognized the stuck in a loop foreign customer service dynamic where they

a) don't speak enough English to help you or

b) don't have the resources to help you so they just endlessly repeat everything you said. I wasn't having that. I took the option of aborting that chat and trying another "expert." He also seemed foreign and the same thing happened. I aborted that.

JustAnswer said I would not be charged if I didn't take a certain step. I didn't but they charged me anyway, $5 just to see if I was real? (WTF?) and $18 for not answering my question twice.

After this JustAnswer made excessive further demands on my time through email, and maybe on my remaining time on their website if I remember correctly?

Things you read about them including on their own website don't match my experience. In reality, they seem scammy.

I had a feeling I needed to check if they had charged my card. They had. I called their customer service number. It has good hours and I did get through quickly. The person was polite, but used strange phrases and talked in circles. As so often happens with foreign customer service, when you should be moving forward you seem to be stuck or going backwards. Amidst the cryptic verbiage, I believe he did say they would reverse the charges. Good news! I will check to confirm it.

I appreciate that but I will not go near JustAnswer again.

  • May 15, 2019

I used this website one time for advice that I never received. I was charged $5.00 at that time. I didn't know that they were goint to charge me $46.00 a month every month for a membership that I didn't ask for. When I just saw the charge on my credit card I immediately called the company.

I was told my a woman there that I had elected to become a member, that they had sent me an email regarding this, and that I would not get a credit for the $46.00. I did not elect to become a member and, if they did send me an email, I did not see it. I am a 72 year old widow and cannot afford to have fraudulant charges made on my credit card.

BEWARE OF JUSTANSWER they trick you into using their website and then charge you $46.00 per month for a membership to nothing!



  • Mar 3, 2018

I search for Google chat to get help accessing emails on Gmail. Credit card charge of $5 to get started to be refunded. Once information entered I lost the connection and found that I was charged $5 and then $67 with no help given. I was willing to give up $5 but not the extra charge.

  • Feb 21, 2018

Andy Kurtzig I had problems logging on to computer saw them on line and stupidly logged. So this guy Richard gives me a new password and hangs up. He did go into my computer to do this but neglected to tell me about additional fee of $39. Had I known I would have said no due to I live on SS. Anyway I use the new password and it doesn’t work! But that not the worse he broke into my texts and changed them. That was without my permission. Today I called their office got a run around fro girl answering phone then supervisor did the same. I think the company is a scam and am going to do what ever it takes to hurt the company. I am in the process of getting a full refund. But the reason for the call was to get the password that Richard provided but like I said he altered texts. And those foreigners that one can barely understand. They refused to help me but thankfully my Comcast computer tech fixed it. This is a company of scammers who pray on homebound people and others.

  • Jan 25, 2018

At first looks like a legit site, only $5 for online chat. Sounded to good to be true. Couple days later a $23 charge for a phone conversation that I never had and never approved. Few more days later a $32 charge for a membership subscription I never knew about and never approved. Some people may not watch the charges on their cards and never are aware they got totally scammed. BTW the $5 was a waste as well. The guy had no clue and I was told to have my car towed to a dealership for repair which was not necessary I was able to get it fixed myself with some persistence and trying different things I learned from Utube. He later complained that I gave him such a low rating that he wouldn't get paid.

  • Dec 20, 2017

Justanswers has for years , listed online, an incorrect, uninformed valuation of my sold out art print title "As safe as Yeaterday is".

This signed,limited editoin print has been sold out for years, has sold in the re-sale market for as high as $500 to $1200 dollars.

The self procalimed experst at have listed the value at $20.

They refuse any input or help offered on thier incorrect information.

They arrogantly slander my work , hide behind internet anominity and should be forced to remove thier misinformation that they accept money to supply to thier clients.

Very nasty, very amiturish internet busniss.

Calling bull s!it on the self proclamed experts at

They are charging money for goofey, wrongfull information.

  • Dec 7, 2017

This service offeres answeres to questions which are directed to their 'experts'. You state your question and are directed to a page where your $5 dollar question suddenly becomes $20, money refundably if you're not satisfied. I paid via paypal, but then did not need to talk to the 'expert'. I later found that they had been paid by paypal so i went back to their site to ask for a refund and was again directed to a page to pay for their 'expert' lawyer to tell me how to get my refund.

  • Jul 17, 2017

I bought a $1700 Asus top of the line Laptop. The memory card slot will not open. The laptop connects to "" The first person says the answer is $5, then the payment is $36. So after I paid, I asked the question. It then required another $39 for the final answer. I disputed the claim immediately thru paypal.

  • Jul 15, 2017

I went to the web site, paid my $5.00 and no one ever came online at all.

  • Jun 26, 2017

I had a problem trying to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7. I proposed the question to Just Answer at 11:19AM and waited for forty minutes with no answer. I agreed to place a &5 refundable deposit on my bank card for a free trial. The company placed several unauthorized charges on my account. When I tried to get a refund, they put me of for 3-5 business days. The bnk said they could continue to charge me because I had given them my card number. Mine was among many similar complaints. Ron

  • May 25, 2017

Was looking for the system requirements for the Windows 10 program. Was directed to the Just Answer website. Checked it out. Agreed to pay a $5.00 fee the talk with a indiviual. After paying the $5.00. The next screen that came up. Showed three more price choices to continue. Was not talking with a individual. Looked at the information. Did not agree to pay any of the 3 prices. Exited the screen. They still charged me the $32.00 fee. Tried contacting them. Got not response. No refund. Continuing to recieve e-mails that I never asked for from them.

  • May 24, 2017

On May 3, 2017 we were having trouble with laptop which, according to JustAnswer, was infected with viruses. They promised to fix the problem for $400 for 3 years. Since I paid only $200.00 for the laptop, I declined, despite some hard-sell diatribe.

My credit card was debited in the amount of $54.00, despite the fact that at no time, was any fee mentioned.

We later discovered that the laptop was, and is, virus free!

  • May 16, 2017

I'm not sure how I encountered this company. I found two charges on my Bank statement. I went to my Bank and explained that I did not know who these people were and did not remember doing business with them. My bank went through the actions of removing the charges and putting a stop on any further charges.

Within a month, the company had re-charged my bank account. And now this month, they have charged me again. $31.00 and $5.00 each on 5/2/17. These are the same charges they made two months ago. Total now: $72.00.

  • May 12, 2017

The information provided was $5 for an answer on a computer question. I paid the $5 refundable deposit and asked my question. A popup came on would you like an answer from an expert for an additional $33. I said no. Then another for monthly membership. I again said no and decided to forget the whole thing. I got a text saying my answer was ready and to access the link. I thought it was the $5 answer. On my bank statement it has 2 charges $5 and $33. When I called about it they said well that's how it works. The $5 is a deposit to ask the question once you access the answer then they charge the extra $38. They would not refund any of my money. They are a ripoff. Oh by the way the "expert advice answer" didn't work.

  • Apr 20, 2017

I went to the Google support to get help with a problem and was shifted ot this site. This site appeared to be Google Support but I found out too late that it had nothing to do with Google. I was offered a trial offer to snswer my question and told they needed my credit card to enter the trial but woild not charge for helping me solve my problem. They proceeded to make two charges to my credit card although I stopped the offer and never received any help from them. They first asked my for my cell phone number and I do not have one/ I am hard of hearing and prefer receiving help on the internet rather then by phone. I wanted to cancel the offer before any help was given but was not able to find a way so just just exited from the Internet.

  • Apr 14, 2017

"Just Answer" deducted from my checking account at Aastoria Bank in New York State the sum of 19.00 Dollars each month starting on May 31, 2016 and ending in December 2016. As a result of these unauthorized deductions from my checking account my account fell into the red and after a leniency period, Astoria Bank cancelled my checking account in March 2017. I am a person who was away from USA between June 2016 and March 2017 and made the mistake of not accessing my checking account during that period. As I say, Astoria Bank has cancelled my checking account and therefore I cannot place a claim against "Just Answer" through the bank in any which way. My monetary losses amount to almost 200 Dollars and, the worst is that my banking at Astoria Bank no longer exists. Hence my losses can be summed up as follows: 1)The sum of almost 200 Dollars, 2) The Loss of my banking services at Astoria Bank, 3) The Loss of digital Online banking records of all my transactions for the previous 15 years or so. "Just Answer" is a firm of unscrupulous thieves and I cannot comprehend how such firms continue to exist in the US of A. Report dated April 14th, 2017.

  • Apr 7, 2017

It was a hot summer's day. The sewing machine was playing up. Not a sewing machine mechanic to be found.

I was completely taken in, (buyer beware). $5 for three quotes within a few days. so I paid the $5. Asked for a small appliance mechanic or manual.. NOTHING, no quote, zilch happened.

There was some info about 'enjoying your free trial membership'.

Then for the end of the financial quarter I am reconciling my bank statements. I find amounts of $51.00 plus an international transaction fees being removed from my account... Totally unauthorised. So far we are up to $157.49 AUD.

Stopped by credit card (total inconvenience).

  • Mar 10, 2017

Yesterday, my HP printer quit printing in black after installing a new cartridge. I went to what appeared to be an HP support site, but later found out it isn't HP. The site is very deceptive in it's organization, and the way it jostles you from one screen to another. Next thing I know, I was charged $23 before any advise was received. Long story short, the "expert" assured me my printer was beyond it's usable lifespan, and trying to clean the printer head was pretty much futile. He sent me a list of recommended printers to purchase. One day later, I learned the printer head is a part of the cartridge, not the printer. All I needed was to replace the faulty cartridge! Beyond that, a visit to You Tube showed me how to very easily clean my existing cartridge. It now prints like brand new.

I called Just Answer back today, and they refunded the fee. I no longerr have an ax to grind with them, but thought others might benefit from my experience.

  • Jan 12, 2017

When I went to this website seeking help for an appliance repair issue. The site was slick and professional looking and included the logos of some well-respected endorsers like Forbes, etc. So I clicked on "Chat." My first interaction gave all the appearance of being a real person and even mentioned the person's name. But I soon got the impression that my responses were actually being answered by a computer. When I said I wanted to talk to a real person, I was sent immediately to a page that instructed me to pay five-dollars to speak to an "expert." I put in my information and credit card, thinking that I would get an answer, but instead of getting an answer, that page sent me to another page with "monthly subscription" options (starting at $23/month). Not wanting to go any further I backed out of the pages. Within minutes I discovered that my credit card had been charged $5.00 plus another $23.00. I was furious! I was never presented with an option to quit or delete the transaction or my credit card or contact information. I am a 69-year old Senior and up to today I considered myself somewhat computer savvy—at least enough not to get easily scammed—but boy-o-boy this one got me. Thankfully, I am an American Epress user (a company that makes it easy to dispute fraudulent charges). I was told this website may be "trying a new business model." Well, if that is the case, it certainly appears to be a deceptive one that would never pass inspection by the BBB's Truth In Advertising Committee—and I should know!—I was the local Chairman of that committee a number of years back and I am embarrassed to say that this one "got me."

  • Dec 13, 2016

I wanted to ask a question regarding replacing a cord for my camera printer and was directed to this site.

After reading the parameters, I understood that it would be $5.00 to answer my question and $14.00 per month if I wanted to use the site regularly. I did receive an answer to my question, but 2 separate charges appeared don my bank statement-$5,00 and $14.00.

I then went on line and eventually called and spoke with a customer service representative who was singularly unhelpful. She confirmed that my cancellation of their monthly service that you are autometically enrolled in when asking a question had been successful and then stated that the cost for asking 1 question was $19.00-not $5.00 as was presented on their website.

If I had known that the cost for answering 1 question would be $19.00, I certainly would not have used the service. This is deceptive advertising and the service is not worth $19.00 per question.

  • Oct 10, 2016

I have dealt with JustAnswer many, many times before, for their "Ask a Veterinarian" service (whenever my own verterinarian was unavailable).

This time, I paid $28, then they took me to a login screen, whcih said, "Looks like you've been here before. Please login." I did not want to login, I didn't know my user name or password, nor did I have the means to retrieve it. I just wanted my question answered!

I was desperate for an answer, so I ended up starting all over again, using a different email address so they wouldn't try to make me log in again. So I ended up paying a second time.

I filed a claim with PayPal to get my first payment back, which JustAnswer ignored. I have just escalated it to a claim with PayPal. One thing is certain, I will never deal with JustAnswer ever again. They lost a repeat customer.

  • Sep 12, 2016

I used their site because my dog's health was failing. They told me I could speak to a vet for a $5 deposit. After the fact they charged me the initial $5 and asked if I would like to tip. I gave a $3 tip. Once I checked my bank account there was another $14 charge. Although it said the $5 was a deposit I was never told there would be an additional charge of $14. When I called customer service I asked where I was told that there would be an additional charge. He told me it was after I ask the question. I entered another question to see where it said that and I did not see it anywhere. I paid $22 for a two minute conversation. I feel like this is a fraudulent site and now I am concerned that they have my credit card number.

The customer service rep made sure to mention to me that has an A+ customer rating at BBB. I wonder how well the prior resolved 200+ complaints were investigated and how many others have been scammed and don't bother to complain. I feel like is making money by taking small amounts from many people and hoping they don't complain. I would like to see it looked into and will be reporting the site to any online fraud reporting resources I can find.

  • Sep 16, 2015

I had a question about a failure of my Canon printer and wanted to know what the error code meant. On 8/31/15 they charge my debit card $26 for the answer, which was helpful. However the charged another $26 on 9/8/15, calling it a recurring payment authorized on 9/5/15. I did not authorize this payment and had no intention of subscribing to their service. I have filed a claim with my bank.

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