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Justa Center

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 1001 W Jefferson St
Phone 602-254-6524

Justa Center Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2017

I had to make use of a homeless shelter recently and needed a place also to receive mail and to arrange checks to be sent to me using a computer account and email. Since Justa offered services for homeless persons aged 55+ I made use of them and their day lounge as I made my way over a bank failure that left me without access to my money. Bank is at fault and they admit as much so does US SSA.

Behaviors of staff there were odd and they seemed to know too much about me and my problem to the fact they look to have conspired in the crimes that left me homeless to begin with. This was made as some form of pinch or offer of duress and it WAS premeditated and based on other violent crimes done to me.

The staff acted guilty, were not helpful, seemed militant overall and abusive to me. The director Ollie all but made excuses to support the violence done to me and the fact State was to blame etc. Very odd and untoward. At one point saying "Good luck with that" as I spoke about violent atrocity done to me as a child that included murder and torture. Wow, talk about callous!

Offers to have them help me send a fax had a female employee say she won't do it today, and she is leaving. and she stood around doing nothing all day staring at the wall or other people.

Asking a male employee how I might cash a check had the people who live of course in Phoenix area (I am new there) not know much of anything. Odd again.

These people tried to trap me in this situation and to deny me housing.

I'd never assist these persons in any way.

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