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Just Trucks of Florida

Country United States
State Florida
City Sarasota
Address 430 N Washington Blvd
Phone 1 941-954-4450

Just Trucks of Florida Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2018

Run as fast as you can away from these scumbags. My daughter bought a truck 6/23/18 and paid 18k cash. They assured her it was perfect in every way. After the paperwork was done she was driving away and the check engine light comes on so she turns around and goes back. They tell her it's just a bad glow plug and these trucks are known for that, no big deal. They assured her that if it was anything major they would take care of it. So she proceeded to drive it to N. Florida and it starts running worse and worse. When she finally gets here I look under the hood and it's leaking diesel fuel like crazy somewhere. She immediately let's this dealer know that something is wrong and she will have to take it to a mechanic in Valdosta GA. They tell her no problem just let them know what's wrong and they will make it right. Well the leak was caused by a cross threaded connection to the fuel rail.

But the real issue was a bent camshaft, broken rocker arm, and bent pushrods. $3000-5000 to repair. They tell her repeatedly that they will make it right for a week. Then today the owner tells her to go f* herself and hangs up. Gordon the owner is a true Central Florida piece of crap. Just a lowlife scumbag of a dealer who screws people over selling junk. I'm almost positive they knew this truck had major problems before it was sold. Do NOT trust anything these a*holes tell you. They lie, cheat, steal, and tell you to go f**k yourself instead of doing what they tell you for days before.

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