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Just Keep Swimming 11:11

Country United States
State Alabama

Just Keep Swimming 11:11 Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2020

After paying her this money she required and going through the extensive process she had to get the reading, I waited for her and I waited I gave her the benefit of the doubt then I emailed her nothing then I emailed her again nothing I attempted to get the money back from PayPal she put some kind of roadblock in front of that. I must have messaged her and emailed her 20 times she literally acted like I didn't exist and ignored me I finally got so upset I ended up posting under her videos on YouTube she literally continued to ignore me I don't understand the problem if you didn't want to do the reading don't do the reading.

She blatantly ignored me every time. Finally today she was doing alive YouTube video talking about how lucky she is that her business is doing so amazing and she's so excited and she started an LLC. It's very disturbing to me that she can go in front of a whole bunch of people that she probably robbed also talking about that what kind of narcissistic person does that? in addition I'm a sex therapist and she's giving sex advice that is so off base she can hurt people. So she's hurting people and stealing their money. I really don't think tarot reading is her calling.

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