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Just Enaj

Country United States
State California
City Diamond Bar
Address 1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd. #516

Just Enaj Reviews

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  • Oct 29, 2015

I bought a dress and it is not designed in a good proportion. The bottom fits but the circle doesnt even cover my breast. My entire chest is out. The hole is much larger then depicted on the picture.

I tried to return the dress and I found out they do not do any returns but they do exchanges. I was fine with that. I spoke to customer service and they told me I had to email the company in order to take the next step. I emailed them multiple times and expressed what happened and they would not respond. So not I am stuck with a dress that I paid alot of money for and can't even wear it. The least they could do was email me back with a response.

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  • Jun 28, 2016

What you see is not what you get!

I order the keke dress super cute very excited about it. What I received was not the dress in the picture. This dress had some similarities but clearly not the same dress. I requested an exchange figuring it was a simply mistake. Once my request was approved I mailed the dress back and waited for an email letting me know the exchange is on its way. I never got that email instead they said I have a gift card only for the amount of the dress not for the sales tax or shipping amount. So in order to get the correct dress I have to use the gift card to buy the dress again which I have to pay the sales tax and shipping AGAIN for their mistake. I order the dress and received the same WRONG dress! Clearly they are false advertising or really bad with getting an order right. I'm extremely disappointed they have a lot of cute dresses. I would have order more from them but this experience isn't worth the hassle of possibly getting the "right" dress.

  • May 27, 2016


I ordered a dress for my year 12 formal, 2 weeks before the event. I paid over $350 AUD including shipping.

The dress arrived 2 days before the event and it was completely the wrong size. I had ordered a Medium and i got sent an Extra Small. To make everything worse, the dress was of pathetic quality. It came in a little plastic bag with Chinese writing all over it that was just thrown inside a mail bag with a scrunched up receipt (which had the correct size invoiced). I was forced to go buy another dress. I contacted the website and heard nothing back. I email around 10 times over 2 weeks and never got a response. I even went onto the website and and asked about it in their 'chat' function and never got responded to, even though i was greeted and told that they were there to answer any questions i had if i needed help.

I took it upon myself to send the dress back using my own money (hoping PayPal would refund me) and still never heard anything. About a month later, i received the size Medium dress with no letter or explanation.

This website is overpriced rubbish with horrible customer service. The clothes are cheaply made and don't have any of their own photos on the website. I recognize a lot of photos of dresses and models that they have taken off other websites. Do not buy off Just Enaj!!!!

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