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Josina Iizuka - Hospitality Associate - Trillium Health Centre

Country Canada
City Mississauga
Address 1583 Meadowfield Crescent Mississauga

Josina Iizuka - Hospitality Associate - Trillium Health Centre Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2018

I decided to put at ripoff homepage since i found in july, 2016 that my property documents was hidden from me all the time during my stay in canada from 2015 until the end of 2016 causing the biggest problem on my entire life and loss of my property.

I asked my ex-friend at the time to give the management to tosh from remax in 2013 and i believed that she gave the document to tosh, remax but she never did that even after had insistently asked her. She was keeping my property document and my power of attorney against my will. In 2015 after leaving her house, i requested josina, my ex-friend to deliver all my documents but she told me that never had any document with her. This document was never handled for me even after request many times by email causing me the loss of my property.


I had intentions to go to vancouver to do the course, but them josina who are married with a second generation japanese forced me to go to toronto since she told me that was going to lose the friendship and gave order for me to sell my property to her by surprise who acted as my property manager in mississauga, joymar 98.

Since she forced me to cancel my goals to go to vancouver, i was not able to have time to make the reservation for seneca on campus school. I visited my friend and i was well received, but something wrong was going wrong in that house. I did want to relocate to seneca on campus college but she pushed me to stay in her house. She is a nurse at trillion hospital in mississauga and also showed me books on hypnosis and a collection of books related to psycology.

She told me to stay on her house since she wanted me to open a company with her. At the time she started to test my abilities and was forcing me to gradually forget the course that i was doing saying that it was a place for rich people. I am from it and she never understood anything on the field.

The nightmare started when she revealed that she never married her husband by love and yes, she met her husband by putting ad on newspaper according to her. My nightmare started soon when she pressed me to find job without necessity, study for an unnecessary test of english and contracting a very bad immigration lawyer who took my money. I told to my friend that i needed to finish my college to get the educational upgrades but then she started the humiliation and it was 3 months of fully brainwash. I was not able to talk since she was used to humiliate her husband and children. Sometimes crying without any warning. I was afraid to be the focus of that.

Well, since she has psychological abilities, she started to take me on my weakest point. In 2006 i sent my ex wife and until 2015 i didn’t know the real reason why i got the divorce soon after my wife was in josina’s house until in 2015, january josina told me, why i married with her without any reason. She started to tell that i was responsible for the divorce since i didn’t give her a child. In the end she told me that she was the oldest friend since 1992 and that i should have not chose her as wife. I thought she was sick.

Then she revealed that during my ex wife visit to find a college course she humiliate her and explained me that she was a prostitute and she was feeling pleasure on the humiliation she passed. I didn’t believe on that. I thought, my friend must be joking. Soon after the event, i was shocked about the way she treat her family. She kept the pressure to stay in her house without ask me if i really wanted. I also paid to her the time i was there and i didn’t understand why she asked her friends to talk with me about job if she never gave me any contact. The only think i understood was that it was natural behaviour for her to humiliate closest friends.

Three months had passed, i didn’t do what she wished that was to keep studying to pass on unnecessary english test. I told her many times that i was going to get the work permit at the end of the course. She ignored and was pressing me up to my limits. Then after 3 months, i just gave priority for my course to pass on my exams and then, she suddenly ask to move out of her house with the pretest that i was a man. I believe she is 5 years older than me but considered her as a member of my own family. At the time i learned that josina caused my divorce since the last word told by my ex wife was that the josina humiliated her husband and the main reason for the divorce was that the person who i knew since 1992 years old did humiliate my ex up to the point to prevent her to enroll in a college. Josina was trying to hold my ex wife passport believing that she was going to kidnap her children. A very psychopath mentality. I was shocked to hear about this thought in 2015. Didn't believe.

I told her again that it was better for me to go to the on-campus residence but she didn’t agree that it was the better option saying that it was a place for rich person and that it was better to stay in her house to have family experience and that i didn’t need a gym installation by humiliating me many times like i was a children. I was going to contract a rental car but she didn’t believe that i have even ability to drive.

During my relocation to toronto’s chinese rental property, josina unveiled that she believe that she’s husband was going to die. That fernando already fainting in the bathroom. I also remembered that the only way that she believe for me to get job visa was to marrying a man and that i didn’t want to have sex. I ignored the talks and soon after that on the following days she started to write emails threatening me to throw away all my belongs. She made me to open my belongs, almost 8 box that i sent to canada by the cost of 3000 dollars and forced me to check each box and divide it to 20 box without understand the reason. I paid the 3 months rent that she asked me to pay and until then i was afraid to move to the campus since she was trying to make me work in her business and she was trying to take most of advantage over me. After refuse to talk on the subject, i moved to toronto and then she sent me emails to prevent me to make woman friendship. I didn’t understand. Then my property manager asked me for canadian revenue documents and i asked josina to give all related documents for me.

When i figured out that i need to do a repair on the roof with the cost of 5k and also other reform on my property located at joymar 98, my friend told me that no document was pursued by her. I believe that my power of attorney was also sent to mr tosh. I was suffering harassment at the car, i asked help to claudia who did ignored the happenings.

My friend then invited me to her husband birthday, some bad events on a pet fair. I explained to her by email that i wanted any property documents and didn’t want to suffer a new harassment. She started to tell me that not make friendship with unemployed person. I was so shocked about being humiliate several times. I did have a property very close to her house. I understood at this point that she was actually trying to leave her husband and had interest on me and have unknown interested over my house.

After sell it and get involved in a legal case, i was back to canada to resume my course and as a last humiliation act she gave a file that i opened later in july 2016. By total surprise it was the files related to my property. It contained all the login id to the cra home page. She kept my property power of attorney. I learned by hard way that my property had an insurance over the roof and it was not necessary to sell my house. I found it only in july, 2016 when i suddently opened an enveloped that she handled to me after sell my property in the end of 2015.

During the time, i was leaving canada, the couple, josina and fernando visited me and i was not willing to meet them. They put me in the car and we eat in a restaurant 14km from my rented house. Josina started to tell me that i was the husband of other life in front of her husband who didn't reacted. It was the worse cenario of my entire life since fernando was not reacting to anything, just smiling. I wanted to run away but since i was too far from home, i smiled and didn't told anything.

I concluded that josina had a criminal behavior against myself.

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