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Jonathan Allen

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Phone 904-504-7455

Jonathan Allen Reviews

  • Sep 28, 2015

I worked with "Jonathan Allen" for 60 days. He responded to a craigslist post I posted about wanting to get into a certain industry. He was always very mysterious but definitely knew how to lie through his teeth and sound like he knew what he was talking about. Im not naive, stupid, or simple by any means. I am an educated person that was looking for a business opportunity that would allow me to work for myself. He said he was looking for a new business partner in his business consulting venture. Because I was so desperate to get out of my dead end job, I quit and worked with him for 60 days. He said he had clients lined up with contracts that funny enough only had my name on it and not his. He basically was using me as the fall man to rip off honest small business owners. This man is a BUM!!! After noticing certain things I came to the conclusion that he was homeless, carless, and used business ventures as a way to siphon money to probably pay for a gambling debt he mentioned. He even goes around to the different hotels and convinces them that he is an elite member and uses their business centers as his personal office. He even buys the staff pizza once in a while to keep them on his good side. I called bull**** on his entire operation, dissolved the partnership, and tried to get the FBI and local sheriff's office involved with no luck. Oh also, he is a professed man of God and does nothing but preach the bible while scamming people. I was paid $600 over $60 days and he costed me a job that took me 4 months to get. He put me in a position I couldn't afford to be in and I haven't been able to recover since. Granted I ultimately fell for his bull**** and put myself in this situation but he was pretty believable. I'm hoping this report will help someone who may be a future victim of his.

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