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Jolie Plastic Surgery

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 1303 SW 107 AV
Phone (305) 262-8347

Jolie Plastic Surgery Reviews

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  • Mar 20, 2018


***FRAUD ALERT*** Sad to say that, none of the physicians at Jolie’s Plastic Surgery are “Board Certified Plastic Surgeons” Dr. Hasan Anthony is an Dermatologist, and Dr. Johnathan Fisher is nothing more than a Otolaryngologist/ENT who specialize in EAR, NOSE & THROAT, although there may be some public information of him specializing in plastic surgery, however he should only be performing plastic surgery on the hands “HAND SURGEON” If this has any truth to it. “You just never know” This office has been known to lure patients in with their before and after pic’s, staged YouTube videos, false reviews and more. They device you, by telling you a $500.00 deposit is required to secure your surgery date, to have surgery with unlicensed physicians (posing as board certified plastic surgeons) Not one Doctor is certified with the ABPS (American Board Plastic Surgeons) or the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) yet Venus (who I believe contacted me posing as a Ms. Diana Santacruz) aka the office manager of customer service says they are. ***FRAUD ALERT*** And I demand a full refund of $500.00 deducted from my personal account.

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  • Nov 9, 2017

Paid deposit 6/20/17 4 months later clinic say they didn't receive the money .I kept all receipt s.They said it didn't matter, because when they see on the porta receipt saying paid they gonna take my date down. I tried given them routing numbers that bank gave me,but coordinator said don't matter, because first coordinator gave you wrong routing numbers. Because the one see gave have changed a month before you paid deposit. So coordinator said tell your bank to recall money because we didn't get it.

I told bank they said they would have to do a five day investigation, but at five days my bank gave me numbers to give to wells Fargo. I called there bank ,but they say they dont verify numbers over phone.So than on 6 day I told my bank try to recall money. I called clinic again to ask if there's anything they can do to help me,they say the only thing that they can do is give 150 of on binder which cost 400.On 11/8/17 Today They tex saying they found the money.I called my back again to find out how long had it been,they say they received it the same day they sent it.Now they have cancelled my surgery 2.5 weeks ago,and won't give my whole refund,they saying the cancellation is 400.Which there the one that tried to scamm me for my hard earned money,while all the time there routing number was correct.

They probably do this all the time.I wrote to Dr Fisher, but no answer. Just think about if they pull a stunt like that on 40 woman,and take 400.00 ,that's $16.000.I,m sick to my stomach, and I want to do something about this.Its to easy for those clinics to take money away from patients like me whose just wanting a better body.. So they choose these surgeons because they offer such great deals to lure patients in.So I want my money back,and I want to continue putting the word out.Mabe come up with a plan to make it harder for clinics to be able to steal patients money.

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  • Apr 17, 2018

Last month contacted BBB after their conflicting info the center stopped responding so the issue is I placed $2500 deposit for a dr. which no longer practice there requested refund their stating it was sent but hasnt been. In march 2017 spoke with alexis barriere with eres plastic surgery set price $4500 for surgery then date 9/21/17 paid $2500 deposit im part of realself online and through other ladies experience found out the company changed its name and the dr. that i choose for the surgery had a patient die and was no longer at the office.

Contacted them by phone numerous times to see if it was true then left a message on there survey line that my corrdinator dont answer a few days later amy caballero said she would be my new corrdinator and its true the company name changed to imagenes plastic surgery and the dr will no longer do surgeries there thats in may so she gave me a few other dr. i picked dr. hunsaker only to be on the website and find out the company name had changed again and that dr. was no longer there. Again numerous calls and negative surveys had anaily fernandez email me apologize and confirm the company new name was jolie plastic surgery and that dr was no longer there as well.

Very displeased with the company names changing and dr. ive researched leaving the facility. She adivsed me of another coordinator anyelin muniz that was in september we emailed on the regular being that i had to move the date due to researching new dr. she stopped contacting me. I began to call no one would call back until i left my last negative review and the last new corrdinator was alexandra martinez. She was great then she stopped answering questions and my concerns. In october i went through my past emails and emailed anaily fernandez about refunding the full $2500 deposit.

On 12/4/17 magaly caban sent the refund papers via email i signed them sent it back the same day she confirmed she received it via email she stated it takes up to 21 days to get the refund. 1/8/18 i recieved an invoice stating a refund for $2500 but $0.00 was adjusted so i began to reply to the contact info on the invoice because it states any questions or concerns #305-794-4306 is on the invoice. 2/6/18 a young man answered the number and had no affliation with the company went back thru my emails and contacted the refund dept who stated they sent the refund.

12/21/17 and i should contact my bank i did and all of my info is still the same payment method and all i emailed them bank statments from october to january 10th 2018 and its nothing from them. They contintued to say its the bank and the refund was sent and it wasnt. I have all the emails and bank deposits that was sent to my account then i came to this site which a family member who practice law advised me to see and i see this run around thing is something they do. Ive even ased to send me and envoice of when they sent the refund no reply my last time reaching out to them was today 2/12/18 am all im seeking is my full $2500 deposit.

  • Mar 20, 2018

Requesting a refund of my deposit in the amount of $500.00 due to false advertisement.

  • Jun 7, 2017

Dr. Jonathan Fisher - License Number: ME96746 Dr. Daniel Calva Cerqueira - License Number: ME120264 - He is not a plastic Jolie Plastic Surgery Dr. Anthony Taycer Hasan - License Number: ME78230 - Have corrective action by Florida Department of Health, Case Number 2011-04243.Dr. Jonathan Fisher - License Number: ME96746 Dr. Daniel Calva Cerqueira - License Number: ME120264 - He is not a plastic

When I went to the clinic, they told me that there had never been any complications or deaths with patients over 40 years old, I trusted you and when I arrived at my house I was surprised by several reports of deaths in this clinic, doctors without a license to To perform plastic surgery, doctors who have already had their license revoked and still continue working in this clinic, which to continue open exchange of name and owners constantly, immediately and in a friendly way, called and send same day e-mails containing the reports And requesting the refund of my payment.

If the clinic really had good intentions and good faith attitude, I would have done so, but instead, they are telling me that in addition to having to wait more than 20 days to receive my money they still want to charge me $ 400 cancellation, This is the fault of the clinic, not mine.

Again I ask you to make a full refund of my payment of $ 3,200 and thus avoid more inconvenience, media and even a process because I will not accept being deceived in this way, this situation is causing me immeasurable disorder, stress, embarrassment and shaking my psychological state , The liability of any damage to my health will be your responsibility.

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