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John Harris Body Shop

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Lexington
Address 4765 Sunset Blvd
Phone 803-996-5556

John Harris Body Shop Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2016

I was involved in an accident that was not my fault.. Had my car sent to JH. Before the insurance company called, a JH rep called and wanted me to sign documents to do an estimate. She got very upset when I told her that I will not until the insurance company calls. The next day the insurance company called and said that JH can do the estimate for them. The document was to do the estimate, when I got there the document had an estimate amount already and that my part was $0... well the cart before the horse. The expected repair competion would be in about two weeks.

That afternoon she called me with the details. They would repair my bumper... add a little paintand that was it. Problem was half of my bumper was over 10 miles away still on the side of the road. I had to tell the estimator what was wrong with my car.. she did not see half a bumber, a wheel completely smashed in, and a quarter panel shoved in.

This was JH and NOT the insurance company! Not a good feeling.

Four days later, I got a text saying my car was ready to come home! This would be a whole week early. Not a good feeling again. Was given a paper to sign that I had picked the car up and that my total cost was $0! She gave me the keys and no inspection, just go.

Over the weekend I noticed that gaps did not match and the quarter panel was pushed down. I would call them on Monday. Before I could call, she called me and told me the check from the insurance company was off by $500. I would need to pay. Since they were early and had not talked to the insurance company.. it was their fault not mine. She agreeded. I then said there were issues with the work.. she said I could bring it in on the next day; could not do that becuase of work.. so we agreed to Wednesday morning to go over.

No the fun part! A man called me on the next day and stated once i brought the car to have it looked at, he would get the key from me by force and hold the car until I paid. First i explained that my contract was for $0.. he did not care. The then continued to make more physical threats to get the key or the car. I am not going to be bullied nor agree to pay anything.. and since my car looks like it was repaired by a kid would not even think about any agreement. He said that they would not fix my car correctly until I paid.. WOW! what kind of work would they do once they had all the money. Again he said he would use force to get the key and even call the sheriff.. one look at the contract, the sheriff would leave. At that point I told him he was not ugly or stupid enough to try.

Called my insurance company and told them.. they were amazed at how much of a total $%*@ he was. Also they wanted to know if I had approved the repair, nope.. they had not until the day before JH's text that my car was ready. They would deal with them. The insurance estimator came out and was shocked at the workmanship. It was clear the job was rushed. Working with the insurance company to get a resolution. i do not trust JH and would never use them again and will continue to post the bad work they did.

Do not use them! This shop was great when the old man was still alive and running it. The current owners/operators are a total scam.

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