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Country United States
State Texas
City Wimberley
Address 121 Canyon Gap Road
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  • Aug 24, 2015

I was interested in Joe Vitales one year Miracle coaching program, which promises great coaching, great support and promises your life will change if you work at it for one year. The coaching is a sham. It has been my experience all coaches are trained to be marketers. They come on strong, over enthused and so 'happy' it's sickening. The coaching session is a very short 1/2 hour in length. Hardly time to make any progress with the issues you may be having. I felt rushed. The first coach, which I tried to work with for some weeks (thought it was me!) eventually tried to retruit me into the Morman Church saying it was her church and had done a lot for her. That's when I asked for another coach. The next coach was so over enthused I was instantly turned off. I spoke with a person from Student support several times. I did the work, however was not at all happy with the program. I finally asked for my money back. I was told we would have to 'talk' some more. I refused, saying we had 'talked' enough. They blamed it on me!! How dare they. If a program is not working for a particular individual (how can it work for everyone?) .. money should be refunded immediately. I have thus far been ignored and realize I will never see my $5000.00 US 'investment' again. It's one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. Vitale is not being held responsible. There should be no argument in a total refund when someone is not happy and program is not helping them to move forward. Total ripoff!!! halfdiamond, Laredo, Texas

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