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report scam

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Phone 1 214 837 2674 Reviews

  • Aug 15, 2019

Eric Kimmel has no job or home but lives pretty good. (off others)

He posts on Facebook of all the places he goes to drink and eat at top shelf places in Dallas.

He comes up with business Ideas and never follows through. He recently tried to start a used Tshirt business and Borrowed thousands from a well known Developer Family in Dallas.

I know I printed the contract out that was sent to him. Eric can't use a computer and does not have one. So he asked me to do it for him.

That company never opened for business.

He is now working on restaurant concept on Dallas that he tried in LA. Not sure what happened to that one but I would guess it failed.

He is trying to raise cash from investors for this and already has a location picked out.

He doesnt pay people back as promised or at least not me.

He buys drugs several times a month and goes out to fancy places to spend money.

I have several texts gving apologies and ( false )promises to pay.

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