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Joe L. Buckner

Country United States
State Texas
City Carrollton
Address 1733 Flowers Dr
Phone 214-636-9686

Joe L. Buckner Reviews

  • Jan 6, 2016

After working on a few real estate deals with Joe Buckner, he suckered me into loaning him money to do a "proof of funds" for a piece of real estate he said he was trying to acquire. Joe and his company, Sundial Investment Partners, each signed a promissory note for the loan. It was a substantial amount.

This was supposed to be a quick loan, never to leave his account, and repaid a few days later. It's been almost 2 years and I have not been repaid. This wasn't a simple business deal gone bad. This was not a miscommunication or a misunderstanding. There are no two sides to this story.

Joe is complete and utter liar. He has unrelentlingly promised payment for two years yet despite many times promising, "the wire is on its way" the money never shows up.

He worte two bad checks to me. He provided me with several phony wire confirmation numbers. At one point, I even called his bank with a "wire confirmation" number, and the girl conferenced Joe in to verify his account - there was no money in his accounts.

He will consistently cook up a story about how he has a deal closing and he'll wire the money shortly, this always gets pushed to the end of the week. Friday afternoon comes around and no sign of the money and no word from Joe. Then on Monday I push him for what happened this time he has no explanation. This has gone on and on for 2 years.

He has even dragged family tragedies into his excuses, at one point when a wire didn't show up he tried to cry on the phone to me that he was at the hospital and his mom was dying. Another time it was a prostate cancer scare. He was visiting his fathers grave...

This guy is bad news. He's a con. I sued Joe and obtained a judgment, but he seems to be judgment proof, with no credit and no assets, which makes me think he is somewhat of a professional at ripping people off. He has never responded to any discovery and I have a contempt order against him.

He was fired from a previous job as a securities broker and his license was revoked for apparently ripping someone else off. He brokers real estate deals with no real estate license.

This guy is just an all around scumbag. I spoke with several other business contacts and they all indicated he had hit them up for money too, I guess I was the only sucker. Don't get involved with this guy. He will rip you off.

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