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Joe's Garage & Towing

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Ellenboro
Address 155 Bradbury Rd
Phone (828) 453-0317

Joe's Garage & Towing Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2016

This tow company was called by a Highway Patrolman to tow a car 4 miles after a wreck! The patrol said, he was on the call list and the charges would be around 150.00. They towed the car 4 miles to his lot and the next day I went to retreive the car. I was charged 200.00 for towing, 60.00 for cleanup, and 75.00 for use of special equipment. The car was in the road and no other car involved. He only had to hook it up and pull. The Highway Patrols need to kick him off their call list! People find out the next day they owe a large amount for a simple tow and you have to pay it to get your car. If they call him for you, decline to use his services!!!

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