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JKC Rings

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 801-899-1240

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  • Jul 5, 2017

This company will advertise jewellery at 50% off. I bought a wedding ring for $139.00. I had seen similar rings for around $30 and thought they must be junk or something. Well it turns out that what this company does is drop ship, and are too lazy to remove the invoice from the shipper. The $139.00 ring I bought was only $9.99 as per the invoice. It's kind of deceptive if not anything else. I mean I understand they are entitled to a profit. But 1400% is a little excessive. I still think the ring is nice, and I guess had I not seen the invoice inside with the ring I wouldnt be upset. We all get ripped off now and then. I guess what Id call this more than anything else is major deception on a grand scale. Beware they advertise on Facebook a lot.

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