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Jing Jiang

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Wellesley HIlls
Address 75 Cleveland Rd
Phone 781-366-0888

Jing Jiang Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

Sellers look at this moron that we are going to turn into an example when you try to steal an item, attempt to black mail and extort and delibery engage in numeorus counts of bank and mail order fraud. This moron will start by buying an item and the second he's done with the checkout, this idiot starts playing his games trying to get you to break your own policies. He will forge signatures an legal documents, attempt to blackmail and extort you with threats of filing falsified chargeback disputes if you dont give into his bs.

He does this purposely to get you to break your own policies for the fact he is going to file a dispute anyhows so that he could be in possession of your property. This buyer has one of the lowest IQ's around that he's too stupid to remember what he wrote on a legal document that he goes from one statement to another proving what a to bit theif he is. When his own bank knows what a theif he is, he will waste no time into fling another dispute.

Keeping up his lies, his made up stories that he doesn't have a backbone to stand on or no backbone whatsoever. He will go from disputing a $18 keyboard to the second dispute claiming you he bought a $2000 iPad and make up a fake delivery date that is totally different than the first one he stated to his bank.

This moron is just there to waste your time and hold up your money for months. Just dont deal with this idiot, just take this moron directly to court and teach this idiot a lesson that when you commit a crime, you do the time! Count on it! You screwed with the wrong company!

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