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Jim Galley

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 5337 W. 121st Street

Jim Galley Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2021

Jim Galley sold me a 350 Vortek Engine for 1500.00 bucks. I gave him half the money to hold it and a few days later i sent one of my employees with a cherrypicker to to pay the rest and bring it back. That weekend I checked it out and first thing I noticed was the serial numbers were ground off and he tried to match paint over it. I was furious and called him and he said "oh I buy them in bulk some have numbers some don't" WTF !!!

He only took cash and now I see why. So a week later I pulled the heads and noticed a hairline crack in one of the liners. Again I called him and told him I'm bringing it back and I want my money back, he said Sorry all Sales are Final.. This Guy is an Outright Crook..

Now I have to see if I can take him to small claims court, which might not be worth it taking time away from my business..

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