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Country United States
State Ohio
City Sandusky
Address 2145 Aspen Run Rd
Phone 419 689 5332


  • Mar 2, 2024

Emailed scammer/con artist back on 1/14/2020 after 4 months of getting the run around before he disappeared. He is average, dark and ugly, baldhead, wheres glasses, will meet you at a library or somewhere he can legally go. I didn't think maybe he was on house arrest at the time. He wears suits and will often throw god, faith, and his beliefs into the business conversation to earn your trust. He will infiltrate churches to build rapport so that members will share his information and you'll assume he's a trusted source. He accepts money via western union, he doesn't say much in text messages or emails. THIS GUY HAS BEEN A CRIMINAL SINCE HIS YOUNGER DAYS AND STILL SCAMMING IN HIS 60'S. I IDENTIFIED THIS MAN WAS CONVICTED OF RAPE AND SERVED 8 YEARS. DUE DILIGENCE SHOULD'VE BEEN DONE ON HIM BEFORE CONDUCTING BUSINESS BUT IT WAS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I REFUSE TO LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS. DW David Watkins        To:​[email protected]​ Tue 1/14/2020 11:56 AM Hey Jeremiah, you stated that you would send the grant request yesterday as you did so many times before. You requested my payment Oct 14, 2019 which I paid you $250 with the at the time you stated that you would be starting on it a few days later. Initially you stated you've done grants for trucking companies and fleets so I was under the impression you already knew what to include on the grant proposal. But you stated a week later that you were waiting on me and informed me that i needed to send you a break down. I sent the breakdown on the 29th of October 2019. Since then you have given me several dates that you would be finished and several excuses that weren't prompt but actually weeks later to which why you haven't gotten them done. A few times over the course of me waiting you have requested my email a few times in a tone that implied you were frustrated with waiting on me. You have always had my email and have never sent anything when provided the email. At this point that you have never provided me any proof of Work. There was an excessive amount of time between payment and work starting. I request that I be refunded in full since so much of my time has been wasted. I also request the grant proposal once completed still be submitted for the advanced service payment as reimbursement for my time and advance payment/loan. If and when the proposal is granted to me then you will receive your 25%fee along with the deposit back. You will be provided 24hours to return the $250 loan or interest will be tacked on at 2% daily interest beginning from October 10, 2019 along with any court fees that will be incured. I have been patient but I can not see that you are taking myself or my time seriously. I trust that this will get things settled quicker whether it's getting the grant proposal submitted no later than today or whether it's me learning that I will have to take the legal route. All documents, voicemails, emails, text, calls have been retained as verifiable proof. Get Outlook for Android ReplyForward Attendee panel closed

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