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Jeff Patch

Country United States
State Iowa
City West Des Moines

Jeff Patch Reviews

  • Mar 12, 2023

Jeff Patch has been fired from multiple jobs around Iowa and Washington DC. He puts on a front as a consultant to get clients but doesn't complete his work or pay his bills. He has multiple evictions in Washington DC and in Iowa. He is indebted to businesses as well as companies. He doesn't pay his support for his child and is in debt for gambling to entities across Iowa. He puts together contracts and asks for payment up front and then doesn't deliver on what he puts in the contract. He keeps the money for the initial payment. He also does not pay taxes and is in debt to the IRS and the Iowa department of revenue.

The most recent debts are claims in Polk County for money owed and eviction. Case # SCSC695081 and SCSC695083 are the most recent filings. His divorce decree shows his child not residing with him and a modification where it appears he lost custody CDDM009662.

Jeff Patch also has a history of domestic violence in both Iowa and Washington DC. He harasses former girlfriends and has been asked by security to leave. He also beat and threatened one of his former significant others which resulted in the loss of his job.

Jeff also write HIT pieces against national companies including Amazon:

He also writes against CEO's and others in leadership roles:

Anyone who works with him is soon to be double-crossed. He works with companies to gain access to clients and records and then uses them to gain access for PR for other companies. Jeff had another report filed where he was called on work for Wixted and Company and he still tries to use them as reference points for getting new clients by divulging confidential client information in order to sound professional and important. Anyone who hires this man is at risk of losing confidential information or being crossed and exposed once he is fired. Caution to anyone who wants to hire him.

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