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Jeanne Lafazia

Country United States
State Rhode Island
City Providence
Address One Dorrance Plaza
Phone 401-458-5400

Jeanne Lafazia Reviews

  • Dec 14, 2018

Jeanne Lafazia, Cheif Judge of the Rhode Island District Court in Providence, AKA Jeanne "La Fozzi The Bear" Lafazia, and player in the 2002 election rigging in the city of cranston for steve laffey, on at least one ocassion, wrongfully evicted an individual from not only the apartment he owned, but the building he owed, in providence, rhode island by ignoring all of the facts of the case in an effort to remove liability from the city of providence and the providence police department for misdeeds stemming from a false arrest of an innocent person perpetrated by specialty co. business owner joe cummings of providence and his mafia and police friends who set it up through city solicitor steven catalano and friend robert murray of cranston. Not only did lafazia evict the individual illegally, she trumped up her illegality by being the judge who heard the appeal of her own decision and then denied to grant the individual an appeal in superior court because she did not want the case heard by others or over-turned. WHICH SHE HAD NO RIGHT TO DO BECAUSE THE APPEAL WAS AUTOMATIC SO SHE HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO GRANT IT.

Come to find out, part of lafazia reasoning for turning down the appeal is because she recognized the indiviual standing in front of her as someone she had once, or more than once, seen walking down the street. From this, she percieved the person as being a "bum", which he is anything but, so when this same individual showed up in front of her in court, she ruled against him based on this prejudice. Compound that with the influence of mafia tied and criminal judge robert "bobby pirragz" pirraglia and criminal court employee earl buddy croft, and wise guy city solicitor steven catalano, who pursued the falsified charges brought by cummings who was trying to steal the building he was renting by assaulting the owner through mafia ties and police connections, all who are associates of lafazia, and you see the depth of crime and corruption of the rhode island justice system. Lafazia punishment for these misdeed? She was appointed cheif judge of the district court by the equally corrupt former governor donald carcieri.

lafazia court room demeanor is horrible, she threatens people with jail if he or she speaks, or speaks their mind, or even responds to a question she asks in a manor she does not like, or more importantly, doesn't like the answer to. But that speaks for the entire court system at the 6th district in providence. where they routinely degrade people by asking them if "they have some type of disease of the mind that prevents them from understanding" or asking them "how far they got in school" even for individuals who have been brought before them who are btter educated than they are. Or even a prosecutor who was wheeling in a hand truck full of cases one day who was spoken to a judge in open court with the judge saying "wow, there sure are a lot of people in here" and the prosecutor responding "yeah, thats's because they are all criminals". and both laughed. real classy. The problem is they have their favorites, and they know if the cops are bringing someone before them, this isnt someone the state of rhode island wants to be successful, so the details of the case dont matter, they already have predecided this persons fate and that person doesnt align with their predetermination, so they get rid of him or her.

It's true. It's Documented. It Happens ALL THE TIME. People should know what they are getting into.

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