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Jeanette Chaix

Country United States
State California
City Jackson
Address 105 Center Street

Jeanette Chaix Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2017

I contacted Jeanette Chaix to purchase a Tibetan Terrier. She indicated that she had a male whom she had purchased from Belgium and that he would be perfect for my husband and I. We drove approximately one hour and 30 minutes to see/meet the dog. Upon arrival, we were told that the dog from Belgium wouldn't be a good fit, but she had another dog for us to meet. Once we met Tashi, a 5 year-old male, he seemed to be a good fit. We had JUST moved and made arrangements to meet her in a week to purchase the dog one we were settled. We were told that the dog was given back to her (she was the breeder) from the owners in Colorado due to the fact that their older dog was becoming aggressive to Tashi and they decided that he needed a better home. Once we got him home, everything was great until anyone came into our home.

At that time, he became VERY aggressive and actually bit 3 people. I called the Colorado owner and was told that the reason they had given the dog back was actually because he was aggressive to their older dog and that he had bitten 3 people! I immediately called Jeanette and told her everything, and told her that we needed to return Tashi and get our $500.00 cash refunded. After lengthy discussion (she said that she didn't have the money) we agreed on a date to return Tashi and get our money back.

We again drove the hour and a half (I called her prior to leaving to confirm) and upon arrival was told that she didn't have the money. Needless to say, I was extremely upset. She gave me a paper to sign indicating that she was willing to return our money in 2 months! I refused and we agreed on 2 weeks. We did get our money back after several phone calls and Jeanette Chaix insults to me because I wasn't happy about being lied to about Tashi's disposition. Beware of this woman, she is a liar and a horrible example of a dog breeder.

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