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Country United Kingdom
State England
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JDMDistro Reviews

  • Sep 17, 2019

I ordered a passenger side front fender for my car off of They had a picture of a passenger side front fender and had it listed as a passenger fender. I spent 371.00$ on what was advertised as a used passenger fender and when the package arrived it was a drivers side fender.

I contacted them with screen shots of my order confirmation and the advertisement they had on their site. I also sent them a picture of the fender they had sent me. From there I got a response saying they would look into it and see what happened.

After a few days they got back to me saying they had listed the item wrong with a picture of an item that matched the listing. But it wasnt even the right one. They then asked me to send the fender back from Arizona to the united kingdom . They said they were not going to pay for the shipping back to them and that i would have to pay to ship the fender back and then they would ship me the right one .

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