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Jason Michael Spencer

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 2633 McKinney Avenue
Phone 855-693-3356

Jason Michael Spencer Reviews

  • Aug 12, 2017

I’m writing this to warn anyone who is unfortunate enough to encounter Jason Michael Spencer. My goal is to share my story of him to bring awareness to every one of his true nature and stop him from victimizing more unfortunate people. I, my father, and our entities have been forced to sue Jason Michael Spencer continuously over the past about 6 years.

There is so much to go over of what he did, but I’ll try to summarize it the best I can. I’ll go over my experience with him as well. In my very strong opinion, Jason Michael Spencer is a narcissistic sociopath. He is a pathological liar that is very manipulative, charming, and cunning, which makes him an especially dangerous individual to deal with. If you Google “narcissistic sociopath” and read about the traits of that type of person, it describes Jason Spencer perfectly.

Jason Spencer’s mugshot is attached. Apparently, Jason Spencer thinks being arrested is funny.

First I’ll discuss the Dextral Capital case against him. Jason Michael Spencer used to work with my father at Dextral Capital Management Fund, LP and Dextral Capital, LP as a limited partner, and my father, Ken Talbert, was the general partner. Jason Spencer managed the Dextral fund himself during his time there. In 2011, my father started to become suspicious of Jason Spencer’s activity in the Dextral fund as things were not adding up. During this time, tensions began to grow between Jason Spencer and my father.

On or about September 26, 2011, Jason Spencer took various data that included debtor account information and personal information of consumers from various companies and vacated the offices where he then secretly withdrew about $1,280,000.00 from the BB&T bank accounts of Dextral Capital Management Fund and Dextral Capital in 2 cashier’s checks and moved the funds to a different bank at Comerica. At this time, Jason Spencer then tried to blame my father for the missing money to Dextral’s last largest investor that Jason Spencer took himself. He also wrote an email to his Dextral email address saying he was going to damage my father’s company EFA and us, the Talbert’s. I’ve attached that email to this report. Before the Comerica account was frozen in December of 2011, Jason Spencer made a fraudulent transfer to his own company Aureus, LLC in the amount of $300,000.00 and called it a “loan”. From Aureus, LLC, Jason Spencer then transferred $200,000.00 to Dignatas Capital Partners, LP and $100,000 to Adiuvo, LLC dba Settlement Collections, LLC. All entities controlled by Jason Spencer. Jason Spencer then sold Aureus, LLC to Aureus, Inc., located in the Seychelles Islands of the coast of Africa, in the amount of $1 in an attempt to move the liability of the $300,000 note offshore.

During all this, Jason Spencer went to the last largest investor and convinced him to invest an additional about $2.5 million into his newly formed fund, Dignatas Capital Partners, LP, because Jason Spencer told that investor that he was investing $200,000.00 of "his" own money into it as well. Unfortunately, the last largest investor didn’t know at the time that the $200,000.00 Jason Spencer was referencing was actually that investor’s own money that had been fraudulently transferred from Dextral Capital Management Fund, and not actually Jason Spencer’s money as he claimed. Jason Spencer essentially scammed $2.5 million from that investor. From what I’ve heard, this additional money he scammed out of this investor was never recovered.

During the Dextral Capital lawsuit against Jason Michael Spencer, he tried to claim that Aureus, LLC was no longer liable for the $300,000.00 “loan” he made to himself since the company had been sold to Aureus, Inc. for $1 located in the Seychelles Islands off the coast of Africa. The judge was not amused by this and basically told him he would be personally liable for the amount if it was not returned to Dextral Capital Management Fund. Jason Spencer finally returned the $300,000.00, plus about $56,000 in interest, during March of 2013 when the suggestion of criminal charges was going to be brought against him. Through the course of this lawsuit, Dextral Capital was able to recover and return its final investor’s money in its entirety. This does not include the additional $2.5 million that occured outside of Dextral Capital Management Fund. On April 10, 2013, Dextral Capital, LP and Dextral Capital Management Fund, LP were awarded a judgment in the amount of $230,000.07 against Jason Michael Spencer. The judgment, along with its finding of fact, are linked below.

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