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Jamie Moreland West Coast Shih Tzu

Country United States
State California
City Olivehurst
Address 2209 Summerfield Ln
Phone (530) 848-5970

Jamie Moreland West Coast Shih Tzu Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2020

Called Jamie Moreland to purchase a dog, She CLAIMS to be a SHIH TZU breeder that is licensed with health checks, Jamie Moreland is a scammer who keeps dogs in tiny pens and breeds dogs over and over for a profit. She is not a registered business and uses these poor, sick dogs for money. She breeds father dogs to daughter dogs to create tiny puppies who are not even 6 pounds. If your puppy has a hernia, she makes you pay for it and will not allow a discount to you for the surgery.

I Saw what disgusting conditions the dogs were kepts in. One of the puppies looked very ill and I asked Jamie what the issue was and she just shrugged her shoulders.

It made me physically ill to smell the condition the dogs were kept in. And when asked about health gurantees etc. She does not offer that. I asked if she had a business license and she said she does not have a business license and does not have a license to breed.

Jamie Moreland is using these poor dogs to scam people into buying sick dogs out of sympathy and has some sort of tax fraud scheme as well. She pays no taxes and basically is not even a kennel .

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