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James Gaudreault

Country United States
State Maryland
City Rockville
Address 2308 Glenmore Ter

James Gaudreault Reviews

  • Jan 3, 2021

This person (James Gaudreault) purchased a pre-owned computer software package from my eBay store on November 12th, 2020, for approximately $175. Some time after the item was delivered, he opened a return with some bizarre claims. He claimed that the install disc was "blank" and he was "sorry to say" that I had been screwed over and the supposedly blank disc had not been run through a DVD burner (his words) to create the appropriate software disc.

He also said he was not going to "waste his time" returning this to me, and had in fact already thrown the package in the trash, which was being collected that day, so I had better let him know asap if I wanted the package back so he could "dig through the trash" and retrieve it. As supposed proof of all his claims, he attached a photo of a kid in Halloween garb (sadly, probably his own daughter).

First of all, software companies do not create software discs by "running them through a DVD burner". They create physically pressed discs from a master copy and a pressing machine. This is actually much faster than burning a disc (a process created to allow home users to use cheap hardware to make duplicates or back up data), and the pressed discs have a much greater lifespan than burned discs.

Anyway, after talking to eBay support a lot, it appeared my only choice was to "approve" his return and wait, and file an appeal if he was trying to screw me. I did so, and he finally used the shipping label I provided. I received back a package due $8.20 in postage and containing two USB floppy drives, not the software I had sent him.

I did not approve the return and waited for him to escalate, as eBay instructed me to do. He must have lost his nerve because he let the return expire and it was ruled against him, my money being returned. That doesn't change the fact that this lowlife tried to shake me down for almost $200 before he gave up. Goes under the user ID "Jamgau7" on eBay, add him to your blocked bidder list.

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