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James Emms Wondjina Hard Asset Reserve

Country Canada
City Vancouver, , British Columbia
Address 5910 Rupert St.
Phone 236-688-8896

James Emms Wondjina Hard Asset Reserve Reviews

  • Mar 23, 2020

In April of 2019 I was introduced to James Emms of Wondjina Hard asset Reserve. He made outrageous claims about how great he was at monetizing hard assets in order to place the cash derived from such monetization’s into high yield return programs. He paints himself as some ex CIA type with all these outlandish ideas and schemes to make millions.

He claims all sorts of experience and contacts. I traveled to Vancouver as he required in order to meet and execute documents in the original in front of him. He claims you must go to him because he cannot travel due to illness. My lawyer and I met with James Emms in person and after confronting him on the past and pending criminal cases against him he convinced us that these allegations were against another James Emms.

After the meeting and execution of documents he became even more outrageous. Making claims about suing Boeing, working for the Senate in the USA ECT. All conversation that I take recorded and can share. He continued to say that were getting funding tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I was required to again fly to Vancouver and execute new docs for our immediate funding. More of the same story telling and outlandish lying.

As you can imagine no money has ever come and I have wasted well over a year and some $30k in travel, legal and bullshi**ing around. He has stolen my materials and continues to misrepresent them as his. Turns out he is Broke. Owns nothing and never has. I am suing James Emms and Wondjina Hard Asset Reserve in Vancouver BC so all beware!! This guy is a typical slick wily liar. He has prior convictions which preclude him from travel, and doing this type of business. He deserve Jail! I plan on seeing him get there. Do not do business with this scam artist!

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