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James E Ballweg Jr

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 419 S Main
Phone 210-860-4957

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  • Apr 4, 2016

James E Ballweg jr, d/b/a The Phoenix Trust

Ref: Ballweg: Registered sex offender: Court Case 9607337

Fake Check:

Fake Bank Account: Dial: 877-277-8552, Enter Acct: 67487061, Pin#: 4511 (Fake)

Note: All Ballweg's & Vega's bank accounts are closed down. Chase is running a full investigation.

Note: We have requested documents showing the transfer of funds from The Phoenix Trust and

Arthur Vega's IOLTA account without success. So at this point we have sent complaints to the Texas

Bar, FBI, San Antonio PD(White Collar Crime), Chase Bank Fraud Division.

We have proof of (3) scams/ponzi Ballweg deals(Victims), A man was waiting for Ballweg to finance for (5) months full of promises comitted suicide. Didn't even bother him(Ballweg)

Re: Financing Multifamily Portfolio, Dallas/Houston, Texas

I was referred to Ballweg by a foreign investor, who said The Phoenix Trust was the US representative for them. He presented himself as a commercial lender(Facilitator). We scanned the internet for The Phoenix Trust and found no negatives. I didn't scan the internet for Ballweg until later when there was no performance. When we found him and his son (Sex offenders)we instantly understood the people we were dealing with. He indicated he needed $70,000 for transfer fees from Banco Cafetero in Bahamas. He set up conference calls to talk with the Bank and all seemed legit. We tried to send to the Phoenix Trust account and the bank wouldn't recieve. At that point his attorney Arthur Vega said we could try his account. Note: We borrowed the $70,000 to facilitate the transaction) The funds went straight through to Vega's IOLTA account. (State of Texas Trust Account). We found a listing for Banco Cafetero and tried to call them to verify Ballweg's claims without success. I told Ballweg of the phone call and he said yes they will not answer unless you email them prior. Ballweg forwarded a Banco Account to show he had funds: Call: 877:277:8552, Account: 67487061, PIN#: 4511. ($7,700,000 pounds) Somehow he setup a fake bank account and when you call it appeared real. Complete Fraud!!! Ballweg indicated our loan was approved and he needed the $70,000 and closing would occur within 48 hours after recieving the fee. (6) months ago.

After 7-8 fake bank statements, many ficticious characters, endless promises, worthless contracts, we have given up on his fraud. His scam typically is he needs money for transfer fees to release his money overseas. The latest he was trying to sell people was for $4200.00 he could get $3,000,000 from Benin. Another is for $100,000 he can get $40,000,000 from NatWest Bank, UK. Another is for $40,000 he has $25,000,000 he can get released from Mauritious. Fraud When you ask him for a bank statement to verify he supplies statements which are always fraud.

I could type for hours.....I am simply trying to warn potential victims. We have full report of this fraud(Scammer) daily notes for 6 months.

I have a full report if anyone wants a copy.

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  • Apr 5, 2020

More info

I’ve got a friend who is trying to find a home for him to buy. I’m a realtor. I thought things sounded suspicious when the friend approached me with the request on what he was looking for.

  • Dec 2, 2016

Status of the case

May i know the status of the case?


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  • Aug 12, 2020


Married to the man for 10 years. Come to find out it was all for show as he was sexually involved with with many men and likes young boys. I now believe in my heart he may have been involved in the sex trafficking of young boys. He is a scam artist in every sense of the word and is not to be trusted. I was just informed that he died of covid. My guess is he's on the run because I dont believe that hell would even take him.

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  • Aug 10, 2020


I am the woman ( who was the child) that got him convicted for sexual molestation. I am not his only victim. I know of at least 4 others that were to afraid to speak out against him because he is a very evil vindictive man. He was married to my mother for 10 years. I received a call from a family member on Friday August 7, 2020 that he had passed away of Covid-19 that day. I do not know if this is true or not I have not been able to locate any information confirming his death. He has always been a pedophile and a con-artist and his son James E. Ballweg III is the same. I hope any and all of his victims get some kind of justice or closure if it is true that he is dead and he cannot ever hurt or scam anyone again.

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  • Aug 19, 2020

On the run or death?

Any way to confirm his death? He owes me lots of money.

  • Apr 30, 2019

Con artist

Yes, the update is this "POS" is still trying to run a scam getting people to give him money for the taxes due on Mercedes Benz imports. This con artist will never quit!!! He's operating out of Houston, Tx living with his brother in law.

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  • May 16, 2019

How to nail him down?

I am sure there are many more victims out there, perhaps, we should form a group and nail him down once for all.

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  • May 20, 2020

His current address?

Where is he currently live?

  • Jul 3, 2019

He is visiting me frequently


  • Jul 7, 2019

What is your email address?

Who are you by the way? One of the victims?

  • Dec 2, 2016

How is the court case

I also one of the victim.

I want to know more.


  • Dec 2, 2016

Status of the case

May i know the case is settle?

  • Nov 11, 2016

Hotel Funding

This guy is human garbage. He is a convicted pedophile and bonafide scam artist. He should be executed!!!

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