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James Cole

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Phone 239-205-4843

James Cole Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2015

James Cole, Asian male, 25yrs 5'7in approx 140lbs is apparently a internet dating scammer who goes by many aliases, this being the most recent. He tells a story of how his father had pass in Nigerian Gas Explosion due to a Hi-tech Construction accident which also destroyed his fathers international vehicle trading Wearhouse. His mother was explained to be a U.K. Native who is apparently extremely sick. James says the Nigerian government made a settlement with his family to compensate for his fathers death and destruction of the Wearhouse, a large sum of between $22-$17million. I discovered these all to be lies when there had been many parts in his story that didn't blend. I took to the internet to google the explosion and this website by the name of Elizabeth Williams popped up with a similar story and many other aliases can to me as no big surprise. I've confronted this person who swears to know nothing of the other aliases but did say he had been raped by his now dead ex in the explosion. He begged for forgiveness and promised to never prey on others online again if I'd help him.

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