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James Barrier Farms

Country United States
State Arkansas
City West Harrison
Address 9032 Hwy 392

James Barrier Farms Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2020

I suggest anyone be careful if you wish to work with this James (Jim) Barrier on his farm or the purchase of his products. When He is looking for help He tells you He shall make you a partner. When you want to spend some time working on something personal, then you are an employee and you must do what he says or leave the property immediately.

I was given 5 minutes notice to get off the property and threatened with tresspassing. My household goods are still on the property and the attorney I retained said this was an illegal eviction. I worked every day for over two months and was never paid anything. Depending upon what is best for barrier you are an employee or a partner with no say in anything. Be careful spending money or so called investing in the farm or business.

Shame I have to hire a lawyer and go to court to get my things back. I wanted to visit a family member who was sick and James Barrier told me to leave and would not allow me to get my things.

I left with the clothes in the vehicle I had and that is all.

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