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Jake Wallace

Country United States
State Alabama

Jake Wallace Reviews

  • Sep 21, 2022

Jake Ryan Wallace (DOB 1985) from Lancaster and Morecambe, UK, is a scammer, fraudster, con artist, cheat, thief, liar, and absolute scum. You can recognise him by imagining Sheldon Cooper on heroin after a 3 year hunger strike, with homemade neck and tribal tattoos (he also answers to the name skeletor).

He regularly takes money for jobs and does not do them. These jobs includes mechanic work, painting, gardening, plumbing, labouring etc. He has cost his fraud victims tens of thousands of pounds, and this includes cheating and robbing members of his own family. He has absolutely zero morals, and has no problem using/fabricating pregnancies and miscarriages in order to scam people, scamming the elderly, the disabled, children etc., breaking into houses to steal expensive items including cars etc.

He then spends this scam money on drugs, gambling and alcohol. Because he lives like the scummy addict tramp that he is, you cannot recover any losses from him through the courts, even if you have irrefutable written evidence, and the police won't lift a finger.

He also spreads false criminal accusations about his fraud victims when they confront him. When he isn't living off scam money, he lives off pity money from his parents to stop him trying to overdose on painkillers and abandon his kids again, and works illegally as a delivery man and plumber (DO NOT LET HIM INTO YOUR HOUSE!).

Avoid this cancer and parasite like your life depends on it.

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