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Jack Moss

Country United States
State Georgia
City Rome

Jack Moss Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2022

Jack Moss is a thief and a liar. I can’t imagine how he treats those in his personal life behind closed doors, if this is how he interacts with his own customers. He stole a $100 bill I dropped walking out toward my car in the parking lot while helping me carry some plants to my car. I knew I dropped it but didn’t think he would be so brazen as to grab it up while I could see him, but he did! I said, "I dropped that $100 man and I need it back.”

He looked me straight in the eye and said, "what? $100 bill? where?” I said, "the one you picked up, it’s mine, give it back.” And he really said, "Man, I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I just saw this man steal it off the ground from me. He blatantly lied and kept lying and I was so angry I had to just get in my car and leave.

He steals from his own customers, then pretends he has NO IDEA when you're talking about. I saw him steal a 100 bill I dropped. He looks like he's on drugs, but I would never speculate in normal circumstances. Now I think he must be on drugs to do that, or a complete psychopath. There is no other explanation for his behavior. There is no way other people haven't been treated like they don't matter at all by him.

It was such an infuriating situation, I had to give up and leave otherwise I would have gotten into a yelling match with him at least, and I didn't want to do that. If he treated me, a grown man that way, I shudder to imagine how he behaves towards those in his private life, or especially the older female customers who shop at Lavender.

He behaved like a punk and he's near middle aged! I'm shocked he has been able to keep a job at all! Obviously he gets away with playing dumb a lot! I would still like my $100 back but will never get it and I will go there again.

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