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J R's Classy Chassis

Country United States
State Georgia
City St Marys
Address 269 Charlie Smith Sr Hwy
Phone 9128825190

J R's Classy Chassis Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2016

On June 6th 2016 I dropped a cab spoiler off for my truck. I asked them to color match it to my trucks paint code and got a price of 125$ To do the work. they gave me a timeline of about two weeks and I stated that's fine I'm not in a great rush. Didn't need it Till mid July. This piece was ready for paint out of the box by EGR PRODUCTS, A reputable supplier. Ten days after i dropped it off i called and said if they hadn't painted it yet wait one more day because i was expecting another part that needed painted. The next day I took the new part over then ended up taking it back with me to prep a few holes for sensors. The following day it was dropped off. Now they had both pieces. A rear roll pan and rear cab spoiler. I was told a few days and they would have them ready. A few days later I popped in. Was told they had been painted but there was problems with the paint on the roll pan. Explicit directions were left from roll pan supplier(street scene products. In business since 96. Making the same products)on how to prep and paint. They blamed the primer on the bumper. It needed to be stripped and reshot. Please come back in two more days. Two days later. There's problems with the spoiler. There's D.A. Marks on the spoiler and there claiming its from the manufacture like that and they want to paint the underside in a flat color to hide it vs properly prepping and spraying it. Come back tomorrow. I come back the following day. It's not quite ready. Come back tomorrow at noon. Next day at 2:30. They just have to put a hand glaze on it. Hang and we'll get it ready. I left for an hour and returned again. Only to see the D.A. Sanding marks are still there. Still visible. And JR wanted to call this a finished product acceptable to put on my truck. I assured him it in fact was not acceptable. His claim is that i brought that in there and asked for it to be painted and not including any prep it needed to make it acceptable.( it didn't need any prep. But they did so anyways and scored the part) this is an unacceptable business practice. I gave him the option to return his charge of the 125 for the work done on the spoiler. I paid 325 in all for the work. The roll pan is not acceptable either. They asked me to install the part and bring it back to finish cutting it in while on the vehicle. They will not be permitted to do so as they are not trustworthy. Filling in small claims against them in the next week for the full amount or whatever the charge will be for another shop to correct their work.

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