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Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 273 Powell Street
Phone 718-395-3434
Website Reviews

  • Sep 25, 2017

I purchased this laptop on Sept 12th 2017 thru Sears online so it would help me write my college class papers when I am out of town. The company I work for offered me a laptop after I had already ordered this one. I tried to cancel the order using the Online feature of the Sears Online Marketplace system on Sept 13th, but was not done soon enough. So when the computer arrived on Sept 18th, I sent an email to the iZoomUSA customer service department requesting a RMA number so that I could return the computer. With an explanation why I was requesting to return the laptop. The response back was "Cannot return this SKU", end of email. After that they have not returned any of my emails sent to customer support, so I contacted Sears Online and told them of the situation, they opened a case number 39687278. When I sent a copy of the return policy that was listed online by the company which stated buyer returns would be charged a 15% restocking fee, which I had said I would agree to without any issues. This is where I am at, no more correspondence back from the company even with my requesting an RMA number to return the computer. Here is the link to the online screen that I used to order my Laptop, at the time of my ordering the cost was $119.00 ***below is the web page link that was used for ordering the computer online thru Sears*** SPM8431427202

  • Aug 31, 2017

I recently bought a used laptop from them. I got it home turned it on and it made a loud noise. The computer loses battery like no tomorrow. I need it for my business and it just stopped working all together. I have only used it 2 times and it freezes and the bottom gets very very hot. izoomusa is horrible and not helpful at all.

  • Sep 15, 2016

I purchased a computer from them and when I received it, it was not as advertised. I purchased it from the website. I requested an RMA and had to pay $25.25 to have it shipped back. Now I am trying to get my money back from which they will take a 10% restocking fee. When you call them, no one ever picks up the telephone and you have to do everything through email. This is a very disreputable firm. Please do not purchase from them.

  • Feb 3, 2016

ZoomUSA has been very uncooperative in exchanging a laptop I purchased from them through They are unwilling to accept the laptop as a return but never responded to repeated requests for information on a replacement laptop and how to actually start the return/replacement process.

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