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Country United States
State New Jersey
City Edison
Address 200 Metroplex Dr #401
Phone 1 855-311-8999


  • Mar 23, 2022

The amount is on my e-mail and there is a invoice. Which is #167121. Invoice date 03/18/2022 Paid 1599.99 USD from Bank of America. On 03/22/2022 get a statement from Bank of America on the e-mail that my user ID was looked up. This mans voice is the same one who, locked up my computer several years ago.

Told me I had to get gift cards to get my computer fixed. The company did fix my email, but this is a outragous price. If you can help me get my money back that would be great. I believe what their scam is totally turning your computer off and saying call Microsoft to get it fixed.

They lied and said they would refund my money on Tuesday, which they never did.

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