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Country United States
State Florida
City Panama City Beach
Address 9014 hUNT Club Circle
Phone 1-424-332-2120
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  • Sep 19, 2015

Anthony Juarez (alias JOSE ANTONIO JUAREZ); ELVIRA RUBIO JUAREZ(alias AMANDA WEST), ERVIN AGUILAR (alias Hector Ruiz) pose as a MSP or ISO through fraudulent site:WWW.IXGCORP.COM and WWW.GLOBALPUBLICASH.COM. They have no knowledge of the indusrty and charge upfront fees of $5000 to $50,000 to Latin American merchants. They only provide them a sub account or they provide a merchant account under the INFINITY EXCHANGE GROUP name (agregate acccount) which is ILLEGAL.

WWW.IXGCORP.COM has no credentials or registration with any ISO or ISA. They are only a "MERCHAN" and/or have conned ligetimate processors to let them be an AFFILIATE or REFERRAL (bird dog) status representative.

UNSUSPECTING legitimate ISO's or banks like Royal Bank of Scottland / WELLS FARGO provide them merchant ID's that then Acosta, Fernandez and/or Henson SELL FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS without the consent of the banks or procesing MSP/PSP

For more information, to see other victim's information and to add to this complaint please call your local law enforcement or FBI agency:

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