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Country United States
State Virginia
City Reston
Address 1818 Library Street, Suite 500
Phone 800-704-9528

iWealthRE Reviews

  • Aug 25, 2020

In January of 2019, a partner of mine and me attended an Iwealth RE investment seminar are investing in Tax Sales. Corey the leader and Tom, really seem like they new their stuff. Tom is a bit of a clown, telling dirty jokes all the time and losing focus, but Corey is your smart, knows what he's talking about and brings the good guy family guy and knoweledable guy that you would want to invest in. For three days we were taught about tax sales.

My partner and I are experienced investors. We only several properties in several states and have made lots of investments between the two of us, but had never invested with anyone else before. We both conversed and decided that we felt like they were honest guys and we wanted to get to know them and invest in a group.

That has been one of the biggest mistakes I have made. Once the money was gathered the process and communication was nonexistent. They took our money bid on the properties and then told us that they weren't able to place all of our money and we would either get more properties or get a refund. Well, we had some property liens so we were happy about that and since they told us that they would give us propeties we were willing to wait. After a year goes by and a lot of emailing back and fourth with these two jokers, I realized, we have been had.

Still, I tried to continue to work it out with them. Both of them either ignored me or did not take me seriously. Right now, they have over 30,000 of my partner and my money.

These guys are not good people. Corey did this whole family prayer thing at the convention to tell you he's a "God" fearing man, and he talks about his service in the military and about how he's a marine, but these two together are liars, cheats, and have stolen our money. They continue to email me for exciting investment opportunities. Don't give these guys a penny.

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