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Ivory Chevrolet

Country United States
State Georgia
City Union City
Address 4200 Jonesboro Rd
Phone 678-369-1219

Ivory Chevrolet Reviews

  • Mar 8, 2016

I purchased two vehicles from Ivory Chevrolet only to be refinanced into two new vehicles because of problems with the Malibu's that were purchased. This dealership sold us LS Models of the Impala when we had LT models of the Malibu. The salesman said that we could upgrade the cars. The salesman did not disclose that the after market products that he chose a company to install on my car would void my warranty. He stated that the cars could be upgraded. So how does a company like General Motors and the Owner ***** ******* allow for these deceptive practices to be in force. General Motors is going by what the Service Manager says because he is supposed to be knowledgeable of their products but shouldnt the sales people be as well? The car makes a loud noise, the AC wont come on at times, The control panel goes out, and the radio malfunctions and all of this because of after market products that were installed on the car. Since the General Manager of Ivory decided to trade us out of the Malibu's into Impala's he should have made every effort to make sure that we had compatible cars.

The General Manager at the time knew of the after market installed products and he didnt even say anything about a warranty being voided just that he would make right. The salesman who is a reflection on Ivory and General Motors sold equipment that was according to the Service Manager not installed right and is causing electrical issues in the car and no one at General Motors or Ivory is willing to listen to the customer only the Service Manager who is playing devils advocate and lying to all parties involved. This dealership did not disclose anything to us about what would void a warranty. The diagnosis was that the data line was tapped into incorrectly, when you take all of those wires out and replace things dealing with circuits the component is never the same and will still have problems and issues and because of the Salesman if this is not corrected there is nothing GM will do about it even it ifs our life.

I have sent the owner two emails, channel 5 news has tried to contact him and the BBB, the owner would not respond. I took out a loan to upgrade my car back to what I was use to and the company has my paid for products and they still did not install my backup camera because he stated that I had contacted an attorney. How can you do business in the United States and not know what the States Attorney Office is used for? The Service Manager is ignorant and is a liar! He expects for people to believe that the control panel on the different versions of the Impala are different. So in other words one fix will not work for the other because the schematics for each one is different for the control panel, at this rate you would never fix a car because its different and no solution would be avaiable. The Service Manager called me and told me that he was trying to get my money back but then told me that I could not expect. He also downed GM, who without them they would have no cars to fix. He lied to my case manager and told her I was a difficult customer and that I had a navigation system installed on my car, which is incorrect. He said the calls are recorded but they dont disclose this when you call so you are not allowed to consent or not consent because you are not told. I was told that they would not service my car or put the backup camera on my car and that I would receive a letter in the mail on how to get my vehicle serviced, this was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I have not received anything yet my car was serviced on February 11, 2016.

These people are rip offs, they dont care about the customers and I am irate and upset, I have purchased 5 new cars from them and to be treated like this and told to Management that I am a trouble customer just because I want what I purchased to run correctly.

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