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Country United States
State Texas
City Denton
Address P.O. Box 1626
Phone 940-383-8100

iTeach Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2021

I paid for iTeach in February after passing the Praxis 2 test. I did not have a high GPA in college and thought it would be wise to go after an alternative teaching certification program. iTeach fit the bill because it was affordable. After paying my enrollment fee (That they stated would be refunded, but wasn't), I did not even have access to the coursework for maybe 2 weeks. Following that, I steadily did all of the course work, I am currently nearly completely done with it. I was recently hired as a computers teacher in Wahiawa.

Continuing to do everything iteach requires, I was told that they have no approval to give me a certification in this field. iTeach is punishing me for accepting a teaching job. I now must again, scrounge up what little money I can to pay for yet another program because iTeach's communication is awful. They could've prevented this with a simple list on their website, but they allowed me to do all of their course work and still expect me to pay (You're not getting a single red cent more out of me for wasting my time and ripping me off!). Am I expected to leave this position and find a job they are approved to certify in? iTeach, what the hell is wrong with you?

  • Jun 13, 2017

Do NOT use iTeach for your teaching credential

If you are really interested in teaching, then go with a community based program or a not for profit option. iTeach only wants your money and does NOT prepare you to teach. Their online curriculum is so fast and easy that you can finish it in a week. They have put a time constraint on you so that you are not allowed to do it that fast, but it's so easy that you could. They are not willing to work with people as people, but only as a means of getting their profit.

Be warned, do NOT sign up for this program.

  • Nov 30, 2016

I had completed my online coursework with iteachtexas,passed my certification testing which I paid for myself and was hired by a district for a teaching position. I began having some heatlh issues and contacted the district and iteachtexas for assistance. The district inwhich I was hired was willing to work with me and allowed me to use my days and the sick bank days until I recovered.

However, Mr.Rozell,of iteachtexas refused to come to a resolution of the problem WITH me & the district and told me to resign my teaching position. I had submitted medical documentation which indicated in bold letters that I needed to be off for an extended period of time. Mr. Rozell indicated that the document was not sufficient enough for him and his organization. I was told by Mr. Rozell that I was lying about my condition because I did not want the position. Pure nonsence on his behalf.

In the meantime, I was in the process of getting a second medical opinion. Mr. Rozell demanded more documentation and stated that if I didn't submitt the requried documentation that I would never teach in the State of Texas again and would be sued for remaining balence of my tuition. It was a week before I received the documentation. By that time, I received an e-mail from an attorney on behalf of iteachtexas located in Dallas, Texas stating that I was being sued.I was dismayed.

How am I supposed to pay for tution if I was forced to resign from a position I trully wanted? Iteachtexas is a rip-off. They are very rude and are only in business to take individuals money and to purposefully set indiviuals up so they won't be able to sucessfully complete the program.I feel as though I wasted my time,money and still cannot fullfill my lifelong dream of becomming a teacher.

Please stay away from iteachteach if YOU want to teach in the state of Texas or any other state iteachtexas supposedly conducts their business activities.

  • Jun 13, 2017

I agree

I agree. iTeach is a rip-off. I took their ridiculously easy online courses for a really high price. The did not at prepare me for teaching. iTeach is only in it for your money. Take a traditional or community lead non-profit route for your teaching credential. iTeach Texas is modern piracy.

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