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itatonus Bakchos Intl.Lending & Investment

Country Brazil
City Sao Paulo
Address AV. Cruzeiro 175
Phone +5511985753267

itatonus Bakchos Intl.Lending & Investment Reviews

  • Jan 26, 2018

I was referred to this individual by my broker who was helping me get a business loan. She was referred by another lender that suppposedly has used this company and sent clients with success.

He had my broker sign an agreement for a commission and offered the information of the loan. She expressed concerns of this being another type of scam etc... he assured her that I would get the loan and guarantee and if I did not the money would be returned to me.

I sent in $550 for the processing of the loan and documents. Then... he had said that to wire money ($30K) it would cost for the taxes to send internationally. We went back and forth and of course promised, guaranteed the transaction. Sent in $1650.

The loan was then to be wired. When the day came he came with excuses, can a wire be sent today because of your government shut down? Yes I verifed that had nothing to do with it. Couple days later he comes up with that the bank will not wire without documents because of money laundering... and that would cost $3150!

I thought you were a lender that lent out large amount of money?? Did you not know all of this information and did not disclose anything in the beginning. Well of course, they have you send in money and then excuses come and want more and more.

Another scam. I want my money back, close down this supposed business. I have contacted the FBI, consumer governement, the BBB and the Brazil Consulate. Still pursuing and he will not get away with it

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