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Country United States
State Florida
City Odessa
Address 1115 Gunn Hwy Ste 100
Phone 800.345.4772

ISPC Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2018

ISPC Don't use their service. I have paid thousands of dollars and still owe thousands more. The company that provided the air system service gave me ISPC as a finance company with paperwork and everything.

Even when I paid on time they noted it as late and would increase my monthly payment to an amount that is not affordable. Then they would refinance the loan to reduce the monthly amount to original monthly cost. Over and over my account was basically 'reset'.

I don't understand how this company is still allowed to do business. Very sad. I'm sure many more have been put in the same position. I am still paying on this loan … Stay away. ... your description ... Florida

  • Nov 11, 2017

My husband and I purchased a new water softener treatment from GE water services. The salesman told us that the financing would only cost us 3 points on our credit score. What he did not bother to tell us was that they (finance company) would run the service as a revolving account and they would max the amount taking an additional 19 points from our credit score.

Being new home owners, we didn't intend on our credit dropping so low due to water. We contacted the finance company and two sales reps were etremely beligerant and rude and said that we knew what we were getting into and that it was tough and they could not do anything. I am telling all of my family and friends as well as everyone I can via social media about this deceipt so they do not get ripped off like we did. This is pathetic and so deceitful. I have never felt so used.

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