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Country Switzerland
City Goldach
Address INCEN AG Blumenfeldstr. 15 CH
Phone 41 (0)71 844 08 44

IQAir Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2015

We bought a IQAIR air purifier and only use it a couple months out of the year but thought it didnt work very good at removing the smoke so i finally decided to open it up and there was fine carbon dust all over the inside of the machine!!! I called the company and complianed! They seemed to do a lot of dancing around and tried to say that the top filter will suck up the dust created by the middle filter so not to worry! Just what i want, a machine with a middle filter that creates dust and then clogs the top filter with the dust it creates!

I threw the carbon filter in the trash even though it still had plenty of 'life' to it and im having to operate it without the filter.

I would not buy another IQ Air. Like i told people, i buy a air purifier to pick up dust NOT to create it!

Once i really reasearched this and ignored the good reviews that anyone could have written, i see other compliants about this filter, too bad i didnt see them before i bought it. Buyer Beware! :(

A 900 dollar dust creater! Just what i needed! (Sarcasm)

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