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International Energy Agency

Country France
City Paris Cedex 15
Address 31-35 rue de la Fédération
Phone 01 40 57 65 00

International Energy Agency Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2018

My fiance and I went on vacation August 2017 and on the second day we were approach by a member of Life Style Holiday Vacation Club (LHVC) offering us a vacation package upgrading us to first class you know like those time shares stuff. We told them that we were not interested in any travel packages, but after about 30 to 35 mins of going back and forth and them offering us drinks which i think to this day was laced with something we came out of that meeting with an upgrade to our room and credit card charges mounting to $16,466.51. This year we decided to take another vacation get in touch with lifestyles to set dates and buy our airfare,

thinking our hotel is covered through the package we were practically duped into signing only to find out that in order to get what was promised we still have to pay and additional $95.00 a day per person. Keeping in mind that when we went on the original vacation before we meet these bastards our total flight and hotel all inclusive that we bought online was $1,543.00 TOTAL that is $771.50 per person. Now LHVC is telling us that other than paying on the$16,466.51. we have to pay $95 per person per day for 5 days which comes up to $950 and that does not include airfare. So please tell me why I am paying the $16,466.51 . This is such a RIPOFF

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