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Instant Remote Work

Country United States
State California
City Sacramento
Address 717 K Street,
Phone 1 209 429 1239

Instant Remote Work Reviews

  • Feb 29, 2024

This posting came to me via Youtube channel - as I was looking for a side hack. I didn't want another month of job postings and canceled the monthly service of $4.99. At first the person (using pronoun she) was polite and stated she couldn't find my information asked for my email. Which I gave her and them she said she couldn't find it and needed my order number. I forward this information and when the monthly payment was due I blocked the transaction to prevent another month. It was annoying to be getting charged for something that I canceled and she went OFF.

Copied from the response Instantremotejobs (IRJ) emails which I can attach a screen shot.

IRJ: You really are a dumb b****. I've been trying to cancel your account and you never gave me to order number. Give the number and I'll cancel it and refund you dumbass.

My response- Wow your not professional. I'm glad you put this in an email this will play well online and in chat rooms.

IRJ: Girl f*** you, make sure that goes in the chat. Broke a*s b****.

My response: I hope you have medication with a photo of someone giving the middle finger.

IRJ: B**** f*** you and your whole blood line. You broke a*s b****, and any child that slided out that stank a*s p**** is doomed to be brain dead you retared a*s b****. Make sure you quote that one right you c**k eyed, stank breath, broke a*s saggy t&&&& b****. Remember you need me because you don't get s*** to your name home. Now go choke on somebody elses d***.

Now no real business person would EVER send emails like this not even to a former customer.

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