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InstaBoost Media

Country United States
State California
City Tustin
Address 2552 Walnut Ave #205
Phone (650) 837-0322

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  • Sep 12, 2017

Instaboost Media, LLC is a Californai LLC with Chris Doan as the head spam telemarketer. It is a violation of 47 USC section 227 for Instaboost Media, LLC to use an ATDS (robo-dialer) to call people on the DNC registry.

Bad company. The failed to scrub their list against the DNC.

Don't hire them.

The names of the individuals in charge of Instaboost is a public record. Anyone can go to the California Secretary of State and look up Instaboost Media LLC. The web page is easy to find. Kepler.sos.CA. gov. On that page anyone can see who the Officers and Directors are. They made it public. These are not private names. Instaboost is running a racketeering scam with a boiler-room of telemarketers. I know this for a fact.

The public needs to know.

Violating 47 USC §501 is a crime. 47 USC section 227 is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Instaboost is violating this federal law. They are also violating California Civil Code section 1770(a)(22)(A). If you have been telemarketed illegally by Instaboost, then sue them. Get back and get paid!

If you read 47 USC section 501, you will see that it is a criminal act to violation section 227 of Title 47. Hummm, that means that Instaboost is engaging in tens of thousands of federal crimes every day when they harass us with telemarketing calls. Wow! That sucks. The government refuses to prosecute them but you can get paid for their bad acts. Sue them in small claims court for $10,000. The form is on the CA court forms web page.

Lawyers are not allowed in small claims court.

In 2014, the 9th Circuit in Gomez v. Campbell-Ewald Co. (9th Cir. 2014) 768 F.3d 871, 878, regarding TCPA vicarious liability held:

“[t]his interpretation is consistent with that of the statute's implementing agency, which has repeatedly acknowledged the existence of vicarious liability under the TCPA. The Federal Communications Commission is expressly imbued with authority to "prescribe regulations to implement the requirements" of the TCPA. 47 U.S.C. § 227(b)(2). As early as 1995, the FCC stated that "[c]alls placed by an agent of the telemarketer are treated as if the telemarketer itself placed the call." In re Rules and Regulations Implementing the TCPA of 1991, 10 FCC Rcd. 12391, 12397 (1995).

More recently, the FCC has clarified that vicarious liability is imposed "under federal common law principles of agency for violations of either section 227(b) or section 227(c) that are committed by third-party telemarketers." In re Joint Petition Filed by Dish Network, LLC, 28 FCC Rcd. 6574, 6574 (2013). Because Congress has not spoken directly to this issue and because the FCC's interpretation was included in a fully adjudicated declaratory ruling, the interpretation must be afforded Chevron deference. Metrophones Telecomm., Inc. v. Global Crossing Telecomm., Inc., 423 F.3d 1056, 1065 (9th Cir. 2005) (citing Nat'l Cable & Telecomms. a*s'n v. Brand X Internet Servs., 545 U.S. 967, 980-85, 125 S. Ct. 2688, 162 L. Ed. 2d 820 (2005)) (other citations omitted), aff'd, 550 U.S. 45, 127 S. Ct. 1513, 167 L. Ed. 2d 422 (2007)” See alsoRestatement (Third) of Agency (2006) §§ 2.01, 2.03, 4.01 (explaining that agency may be established by express authorization, implicit authorization, or ratification)."

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  • Nov 17, 2019

What do I do?

So I purchased a month with this scam what do I do in order to sue them?

  • Jul 12, 2019

We were contacted by instaboost media to help us with our google business page. We were already ranked high in our city from the seo we had already performed but they sold us on getting us in the top 3 searches within 50 mile radius of where we lived. We didn't need instaboosts help with the city we live in and we made that very clear in the initial call. They guaranteed we would rank in top 3 within 50 miles after 90 days.After signing up and paying, someone called us about 7 days later for our welcome call. They sent us a report that showed we were good with google but other sites didn't find us. All this search results were done by a computer software that probably took 2 seconds to run. After that was complete, i didnt see any activity change on my google business page. I asked multiple times for reports on what they had been working on. I received their bright report but that's it. When people would search my business it would no longer pull on maps after they took control of my business page. All of my other search findings also decreased after they took control according to google reports. After 3 months of letting them try to get me seen more i finally cancelled with them. They initially told me that their guarantee would get us to show within 50 miles after 3 months. My business would not pull if searched for certain keywords they claim they targeted 5 miles away. They said they would not honor their guarantee because i was pulling in my city. I was already ranked in the top 3 before i signed up in my city. I would have not wasted my money knowing they only focus on your city. Their 50 mile claim is false so don't believe their guarantee and make the same mistake i did. When i talked to the quality manager, lauren alexander, she made all sorts of false claims stating they set up my google business account and got me verified. They had no part in that or changing anything on my google business page. Long story short, this company does not produce what they claim they will and they do not honor their guarantees. Sway was the only awesome part of this company. He was great to talk with, he was just not informed on what we were initially sold.

Update: after i got off the phone with lauren alexander and chris Her manager) asking about getting a refund and stating this would be the last month we would be using them. They cancelled my account, just a week after pulling the monthly fee out and said they will not be servicing my account anymore. I asked lauren if she would be prorating the rest of the month since they closed my account and she said since my account has been closed they would not work on it anymore. She said i would need to contact her manager chris. I asked for his number and 3 different times she sent me numbers that did not work. I gave her my cell phone number and asked her to have chris call me since she could not get his phone number correct. I have yet to hear from chris. Not sure how a business like this has people like lauren alexander and chris working for them. I am speachless at the lack of customer service. I have filed a better business bureau complaint against instaboost to try and save other people from getting scammed.

Instaboost has started to have fake people leave reviews on my company. If you get any reviews from a joe ramirez, it is instaboost leaving the reviews. This will be reported to the proper department in california.

  • Dec 3, 2018


These guys are scam artists. The way the owner treats your concerns should SCREAM in your face why you should run from them. They know nothing

  • Sep 29, 2017

Instaboost Media is a complete and utter joke not only do they not provide any of the services they say they do ALL of the reviews you see online are made by people that work there, except the bad ones. (Brian in customer service told me that). So I signed up with Andy who GUARANTEED me top 3 placement (Google does not even GUARANTEE top 3 with ad words). So I reluctantly signed up and wouldn't you know it 6 whole months later paying $199 a month, and nothing happened. I was not showing for any keywords, I was not even showing up for my business name completely unacceptable. They did not claim my Google my business page or create my template website. So i called my bank told them what was going on and they got all my money back. So long story short if you are looking for Search engine Optimization and you value your money look else ware.

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