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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone 1 858-306-1597
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  • Feb 28, 2024

I hired Anthony Lancaster of IndustrialAX to code an App which he assured me and my business partner that he knew what he was doing. It turns out that he was admittadly sub-contracting all the work out to others and they had no idea what they were doing. Everytime something was done wrong, he wanted to charge extra in spite of the fact that the error was his fault. He doesn't know how to listen and his communication was terrible. He acted like the nicest guy at the start and then turned on us like a rattlesnake. He blatantly breached the contract several times and refused to make it right even after being paid thousands of dollars.

A lawsuit is coming to his doorstep soon and he will know that he can't come from another country and screw people over. He has zero morals and his God is money. Watch out for this conman, he acts as nice as can be until you pay him and then you will get royaly screwed!

After paying him $7,000.00 I have to completely redo the App. He wasted enormous amount of my time, my business partners time and then mocked us in emails and texts. Beware of this scammer--not ethical at all!!!

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