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Country Canada
City Montreal, Quebec
Address 4999 Ste-Catherine St. W Suite 515
Phone 514-487-2011
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  • Sep 20, 2017

Colin Singer was approached in Feb 2016 through an online advertisement and given the mandate to support for two years for immigration and Job services. The criteria for selection was that being a local attorney, he would be well aware and positions to file the immigration papers more efficiently and use his good offices to accelerate the process legitimately.

His failure modes:

1. A self Help mode is defined to apply for jobs remotely. It is very unlikely that a company would employ an applicant from another country without the credentials of citizenship

2. An employment representative (David Foti) shares a bunch of self help document formats and disappears, never to get in touch with you again or respond to your queries.

3. The Accountant ( Carly Hogg Finn) is prompt enough to chase the client to swipe the card on time and waste no time in colecting the funds from the client.

4. On questioning the progress Colin sends a threatening mail to find another service provider if not satisfied with the services and warns and repeats that the funds are not refundable as the services are already provided.

5. The file changes hands from Caroline Ovall, to David Foti to Maria Parau with intermittent appearances of Vijay Jeshang. All of them communicate using the same email id [email protected]

6. The list of organizations is an outdated list with a few companies not even existing right now. Colin Singer when questioned threatens to severe the contract when asked about the list validity and authentication.

7. Maria Parau carefully responds once in a while to inform that the points count is low and you need to take the English langauge test and again until the applicant can speak, write and read excellent english. Else the application would not go thru. Responses are delayed and so disconnectd that the client looses interest in the ordeal and find himself / herslef totally helpless, having paid the total amount for the services to Colin Singer.

8. Finally when questioned, Colin Singer threatens with statements of "Dare Not...", "I warn You ....", "You got Execellent Services already from us".

9. He uses his attorney's mind to show Contractual complaince, in a ridiculous way without accepting his responsibility towards the local representation towards immigration services and HR services that he claims.

Please do not approach Colin Singer or his organization Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc.

It is more likely that he takes you on a ride wasteing time resources and takes advantage of the waeknesses in your case only to dump your case midway. I've incurred expenditure of more than $3000 overall with no status change even after 18 months of contracting with Colin Singer. There is another 6 months validity of the contract with Colin Singer but I'm sure he would only show me tasks that he is hired to do showing that it is pending from my side, Like fInding a Job in Canada myself, Visiting Canada.

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