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Country United States
State Florida
City Port Richey
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  • May 7, 2022

JJ Michael Smith donated a sound system and other services to Clearwater Chapel in early 2020 (which is a chapel that began in the 1980's). He was asked by the church leaders to be part of the leadership team and he agreed. Over the next two years he dictated to the church leaders. And when he did not get his way, he was very unpleasant to deal with.

Finally the church leadership removed him from the leadership team on January 6, 2022. It looks like JJ Michael Smith thought that he could strong arm the church leadership into inviting him back into the leadership team. JJ Michael Smith was an Admin of the chapel's Facebook page. But he was not the only one.

There were two or more other chapel leaders who had Admin permissions. But JJ Michael Smith removed those chapel leaders as Admins and took sole control of the Facebook page for the chapel. He began posting haunting, ominous messages on the Facebook page. He also posted acrimonious messages on his personal Facebook page and on his IGOTASAVIOR Facebook page.

This ominous posts said that the devil let the chapel leaders take him out of the church, that the chapel leaders were liars, that he was planning to make a video and publish it to expose their lies. He taunted the pastor by name in posts stating that the truth will come out and "you can't stop it". Finally a good samaritan intervened and created a new Facebook page for the chapel.

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