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  • Oct 3, 2018

I am a Realtor who has received many messages from IdealEstate about people who have supposedly viewed my listings. These are all lies. I've researched every lead and not one exists in my market, and there's no logical way that all these out of town buyers (mostly from California) are viewing my listings. Our real estate buyer pool is almost entirely local. It would be like being on a dating site in Camden, NJ and hearing that fifty people in Michigan are interested in dating you. It's bullshit and this company needs to be called out and fined for fraudulent practices.

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  • Dec 9, 2019

amazing ...

ty for letting me know... lots of love and respect from NYC

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  • Oct 9, 2019

thank you for the heads up

I was truly underwhelmed, all these people looking at a MLS, sign on property, just listed post cards sent.

I am glad to now delete these.

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  • Sep 17, 2019

Broker in NC, Ga & TN

Same here I can't get them to stop sending me leads. I deleted all of them and they just keep coming. It's got to be a scam, spoofing, phishing for info.

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  • Jul 17, 2019

Same Here...the people they list are fake, dead, they are liars!

Started getting emails, they are liars, using fake profiles from Facebook, deceased people, etc. They are picking out all of my properties one at a time. LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES. They do need to be called out. If they do this to the people they are trying to get as contacts, what deceptive things will they try after you sign. BEWARE!!

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  • May 13, 2019

Happy to personally answer any questions.

Hello everyone, I appreciate your feedback and I would be more than happy to help address your concerns. The first and probably most important thing to understand is that IdealEstate is not a lead generation platform, it is actually a referral network that you can think of as a LinkedIn for real estate professionals. I created the company to do the opposite of the Zillow’s of the world, which is why we do not allow competitors to advertise on your listings or your profile. All of your listings have a contact form that any interested party (HOT LEAD) can fill out, which gives you their contact information. This feature is 100% free and we do not re-sell that information to anyone else. In this sense IdealEstate is free way to promote your business and collaborate with opportunities without having to worry about the competition stealing your clients, which is just one feature we provide for free. You can also actually proactively search for opportunities meaning people who would be interested in your listings or services nationwide through your IdealEstate referral network.

The main point of confusion that we get as a company is people thinking views are hot leads that we are trying to get them to purchase. On other sites these views would just be numbers. We show you everyone who views your profile, listings and services just like LinkedIn so that you can view the persons profile and get a sense for their needs and level of interest. However, these people are not hot leads that we are sourcing and selling. They may just be people browsing through our network, which is why we do not share the detailed contact information of people browsing for homes so that they don’t get bombarded with emails and calls, which in our opinion is a huge issue with traditional lead gen sites and not a benefit for you or your potential clients.

Our paid features are focused on helping over 43 different categories of real estate professionals connect with more referrals through networking. Again we are a networking site not a lead gen site. While our free features provide a safe place to promote your listings we are focused on networking not lead gen.

Personally, I believe that one of the greatest assets a real estate agent brings to the table is their network of professional partners, which we help you showcase. I also believe that the best opportunities come through networking not lead gen, which again is why we do not sell leads and you cannot buy leads on our site. We are focused on helping you build relationships and connect with both clients and professional partners.

I created IdealEstate to support agents and help them build a more robust network so that they do not have to focus on leads. I do understand the confusion you are having and I am happy to personally assist you with anything you need. I am passionate about helping you build your business and apologize for the confusion. The last thing any of you need is another site that leverages your listings to your detriment, but I can assure you that is not what we are all about. If anyone here or someone new has questions please email me directly at [email protected] and I would be happy to hop on a phone call as well. My direct number is (801)550-3424

Again I apologize for the confusion and we I would be happy to personally answer any additional questions.

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  • Mar 10, 2019

Seems like a scam

Thought about joining and paying, but then I asked myself, “how is it that savvy buyers, who find the Idealestate site, do not go to Zillow, Trulia,,… to look for my contact data?” My MLS puts all my listings in over 500 sites, including the most popular ones, so if the leads from Idealestate were real, and they were interested in my properties, they would be calling me, as other folks have done when they find me in many of the popular sites. I believe this is a scam. Just tried to unsubscribe, and the system says, “this site can’t be reached”. I think I am going to have to block them.

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  • Feb 23, 2018

They pull a classic bait and switch scam where they claim to have a lead that responded to one of your properties and then ask you to submit your business information, you do that and then they want you to pay a monthly fee, Ripoff.

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  • Feb 12, 2019

Ideal Estate is a SCAM

I have read all the other reviews on this scam artist, and I agree. I was suspicious simply because all of these so-called prospects or leads could have contacted me directly as my contact infomation is of course shown on all listings placed on my local MLS, and of course all these listings are carried forward onto all the myriad of other real estate websites (Zillow, trulia,,, etc. ). I then decided to "Google" some of the names, and they were ALL located at great distances from my location, and the location of the particular listing the "lead" supposedly was interested in.

So, do NOT invest the $39.95 they require after the first "free" lead replies or messages.

This is a SCAM!

Larry Kelley


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  • Dec 16, 2018


All of a sudden, I am getting a slew of emails from IdealEstate with what I believe are fake leads...names are questionable. Did some google searching and it supports my gut feeling that they are scammers. Just going to block them.

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  • May 14, 2019

Verified Scam

They sent me 3 or 4 bogus leads that I tried following up on - not one was real. I did a little checking and found out they were a scam so never bough their service. Now, I'm getting email that say "Hi Ken, It looks like you have notifications on IdealEstate that are overdue for your response." When I click to see who I've missed it's Jamie Casados who's connections are 14 other realtors with basic IdealEstate accounts in various parts of the USA. Hmmmm . . . sure looks like an insider working at IdealEstate.

STAY AWAY - This is a scam

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  • Feb 1, 2019

Total Scam

IdealEstate is Absolutely sending scam emails throughout the Real Estate industry about fake leads - Google or Facebook any name they send - these people do not even exist... Just another website with Realtor Advertising as the Business model.

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  • Apr 26, 2019

Scam & Time Waste

For two months I just got other agents connecting. Then I started to get 3 to 4 leads per day. No reply to emails sent and nobody called. If these buyers are so interested I think I would have received some sort of contact. Do not give them your $$.

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  • Jun 18, 2019


Somehow I’ve accumulated over 80 people supposedly clicking on my listing. 80 people willingto give their names? I don’t think so.

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  • Apr 24, 2019

Same experience

Have to agree with the other folks on this site. I've been getting 2-3 emails a day saying either an agent or an individual "viewed" a listing. No one has ever responded to my follow-up emails to them and when I got an email about one of our local agents who I know well viewing one of my listings, I called him to see if I could give him any additional info, and he had never viewed the listing. I've also googled several of the individual's names and got no results. If these people actually existed, they should show up on Google in some aspect, even a facebook page.

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  • Apr 2, 2019

Scam alert

As mentioned by all the other postings, total scam job! The only agents who would fall for it would be fairly new so I feel badly for them, but it will be a fairly inexpensive lesson. The company perpetrating the scam, IdealEstate, should have a class action suit brought against them for fraud, because that's what it is. They are out and out lying about the information they are providing in order to obtain money from those they are lying to, a classic case of fraud.

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  • Apr 10, 2019

Thinkin Scam also.

I have been in real estate for 25 years and started receiving a number of email leads from idealestate. I contacted as many of the leads that their site would allow me to before I had to join their system, for a fee of $39.95 a month, and not one lead ever contacted me back by phone or email. It is a scam!! These buyers could find me through my MLS, my own personal web site,, or my face book page, or through many other venues! Don't fall for the idealestate scam!!!

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  • Dec 15, 2019

You Guys Have Wrong Idea

Hello, I have been using IdealEstate recently and I have loved it. It is NOT a lead gen site. And the emails you guys are getting saying “viewed your listing” is another agent elsewhere looking to connect. The point of the site is to have access to hundreds of thousands of agents to network and build a referral database. It is nothing like Zillow at all. Yes it does have a nationwide MLS but most of the accounts on there are agents looking to connect for referrals. NOT BUYERS looking to buy. I have had business from the site and it has been well worth my money. You guys are just looking at it the wrong way.

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  • May 18, 2020

not correct

I had to block them, I have no listings at the moment

but somehow people are viewing my listings, what a joke.

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  • Mar 15, 2020

I experienced the same thing as others with idealestate. Bogus leads. Once you pay them you discover the leads are not real. I would like to see them shut down. Took my money but provided no leads

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  • Aug 26, 2020

It's PAID networking. That's it. Seems worthless without the paid upgrade to a "Preferred Profile"

Started connecting with people on my first attempt at the platform, and received this after a few clicks:

"It looks like you have used all of your connection request credits

Making connections is the best way to promote your business, grow your referral network, and cultivate new opportunities

Upgrade to a Preferred Profile to Send Unlimited Connection Requests and access all other Preferred Features."

So it's PAID networking. I get it. Just say that rather than overpromising and underdelivering. Just my $.02, but 1950's peddling sales tactics are not effective in building relationships with your customers.

Seems worthless without a paid upgrade to a "Preferred Profile",

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  • Aug 18, 2019


Noting to think about on this one, everyone says the same thing, Ideal Estate is completely bogus. Not real. No better than Craigslist scammers, just after the $, you get nothing.

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  • Aug 9, 2019

Scam and Fraud!

This site is a total scam. I received emails from them baiting me without ever signing up to them. It’s also easy to find online that the “CEO” Brody Saunders (who wrote a bogus response to these reviews) is in an 18 million dollar lawsuit for FRAUD with former company Summit Water in Park City, UT. Do not trust this site.

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  • May 6, 2020

What a waste of signing up

You can't even get a basic profile before you are locked out of connecting with other agents or sending/receiving messages. This is a TOTAL waste of time/internet and email space!

  • Nov 20, 2019

glad i asked

got a lot of emails from these scammers

i will block them. thanks for the info.

  • Sep 17, 2019

They are feeding from my mls - but i don't even get as many leads or referrals from re/max or zillow

  • Aug 26, 2019

Scam for sure

I received an email from them saying i have 41 notifications and I don’t even have a listing at this time.

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