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HZ Plastic Surgery LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 7575 Dr Phillips Blvd Suite 10
Phone 1 407-543-6402

HZ Plastic Surgery LLC Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2021

So many things went wrong with HZ Plastic Surgery it is difficult to decide where to begin... I found them on line and read number of 5 star reviews. All good so far , however, the absence of before and after pics of man and the scarcity of those of women did get my attention . The "price tool" on the website seemed reasonable enough so I contacted the office. I asked about lack of pics on the website and was told by Brenda " We have many pictures of man in your age group by due to privacy issues we can't post them on line .

You will be able to view them during your free consultation ". I explained that I live three hours away and booked an "free consultation " for which I was charged $100. Brenda explained to me that the consultation will take 1 - 1.5 hours . I showed up at the office on Friday at 2:00 PM , 10 minutes before my consultation. There was a line to the receptionist as she kept going on and on with her private conversation despite 5-6 people waiting .

I thought , ok I will be patient as i drove there for 3 hours. I checked in and waited for 57 minutes for my consultation. A nice young doctor greeted me and we proceeded with my consultation ... the whole 10 minutes of it ! Turns out , the nice young doc doesn't have any experience , hence no pictures to showcase his work. I was asked to speak with a coordinator who presented me with a quote, another surprise 300% higher then the "price tool" n the website indicated . I asked the coordinator if any of the more seasoned surgeons has any "before and after " pictures , she seemed perplexed with my request and went looking for them.

Well, you guessed , she did not come up with any. At this time I calmly explained that I committed 6 hours of driving and an hour of waiting to view the pics as I was told by Brenda they exist and are available for viewing. That was clearly a lie and a strategy to lure me into the office with a complete disregard for my time. The whole place is set up for high turnover with less quality control than most.

I simply refuse to believe this situation did not happen before and the 4.9 stars google ranking is not a statistical anomaly or customer service excellence but simply a result of another manipulation tactic . These reviews can be manipulated with a bit of effort . I will not be manipulated nor do I intend to keep quiet about this horrible experience . The silver lining here is ... I did not end up with a disfigured face as I was vigilant and called their BS.

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